Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 26th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Virat drives his car past Sai and Savi’s bike, ignoring them due to the rain. A woman complains to Sai that her husband physically tortured her after Hum came drunk, she does not want to live with him. Sai Agrees To Help Her And Tells Savi That She Will Drop Her To Camp After Changing Her Dress First. MLA’s Goons Reach Camp to kidnap Savi. Savi and Vinayak walk around the camp and talk about their family. Vinayak informs that his dad is a police officer. Savi excitedly asks, is it. Goons Push Vinayak away And Pick Savi. Virat holds Vinayak and asks if he is fine. Vinayak nods Yes. Virat warns the fools to spare the girl. The goons warn him not to interfere or he will be in trouble. Virat challenges and fights with them. Goon throws Savi in ​​the air. Virat jumps and catches her. He then brutally beats the Goons until they fall unconscious.

Virat then calls the Kankauli police station and informs the officers about the incident and orders them to come and arrest the goons. Vinayak goes to Virat. Virat asks Savi why the Goons attacked her. She says she doesn’t know and asks the Goons why they attacked her. Virat asks if she is not afraid of goons. Savi says no. Virat asks her name. Says Savi. Virat gets an emotional flashback and plans to name his daughter as Savi. Vinayak informs that Savi is the one who saved him from dirty boys and her mother treated him. Virat thanks Savi for helping Vinayak. Savi says she should thank him for saving her from fools.

Virat takes Savi and Vinayak to his car. Savi stops in the middle of the market and goes to the idol shop. Virat and Vinayak Follow Her. Savi asks the salesman if her happy family is ready. Vinayak says he heard about Happy Meals, which is a happy family. Savi explains that they only take Bappa home during the festival but not his parents, so every year she takes both Bappa and his parents home. She Gifts One Idol To Vinayak. Virat tries to pay for idols. Savi says it is a gift from her. Virat says he too can gift her and pays the money. He drops Vinayak back at the camp and drives Savi towards her house. He asks Savi about her mother. Savi describes her mother as a doctor, teacher, homemaker, best cook etc. Virat says her mother is too good then.

Savi shares her mother’s prepared fried modak with him. He gets an emotional flashback of Sai preparing fried modaks for him. Savi asks if it is good. He says too well. He drops her home. Sai takes a bath and gets ready. A feather falls on her shoulder. Usha says it is a good sign that someone will enter her life. Sai Dusts It Away And Says Nobody Can Enter Her Life Now. A feather falls on Virat’s shoulder. Savi calls Sai Out. Virat is about to see her when he gets a call and leaves. Sai asks Savi how she reached home. Savi describes how the policeman saved her from the dwarves and dropped her home. Sai says he is recreating stories. Savi says the cop is Vinayak’s father and she can confirm with him. Sai calls the principal who confirms her about the incident.

Pre-Chapter: The Chavan ladies call Pakhi the miracle of Chavan Nivas and praise her for taking good care of the house. Pakhi waits for Vinayak and Virat to return home.


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