Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

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Sai takes care of Savi and thinks about all the happenings. She gets tensed and tries to make Savi sleep. At that time, he discovers that the other is suffering from a high fever. He becomes concerned and starts treating his daughter. While Vinayak misses Savi and thinks of his happy times in Kankauli. He decides to call the other and dials her number but Sai does not pick up his call and ignores him. Looking at her daughter’s condition, her eyes water and she tries to lower her fever. While Vinayak walks down the stairs and sees his grandparents sitting together.

Here, Ashwini along with Ninad, Sonali and Bhavani take care and pamper Vinayaka. Showers of love on him while he is still missing Savi. He goes to the photo gallery and sees pictures of his family. He looks at his phone and notices his photo with Savi and Sai. He decides to print it and post it in their gallery.

Vinayak goes to his parents’ room and sees them arguing with each other. Virat tells Pakhi that Sai is his past and she is her present and future. He assures her that he will never leave her and declares that Sai is dead to him. Pakhi is shocked and remains silent listening to Virat’s words while Vinayak walks towards Harini’s room.

Elsewhere, Harini is still watching her laptop while Vinayak asks her for help. He asks if he can help him print the photo? To which she happily agrees and tells him the procedure. He takes her laptop and does all the work on his won and prints his photo with Savi and Sai.

Vinayak then frames the photograph and hangs it in the gallery without anyone noticing. While Harini comes to the dining table and Bhavani starts scolding her. They both get into an argument and the other was about to leave the table when Virat comes there and pacifies Harini.

Up front, Harini agrees to Virat’s request while Mohit taunts Karishma and asks if she will join them or not? He ignores him while Harini notices Sai’s photo and is shocked. He announces this to everyone while Chavans Gets Dumbstruck. Virat is furious and Pakhi takes Vinayaka to her room.

Virat breaks the photo frame and points out that Sai is alive and Savi is her daughter. Bhavani denies believing this while Ashwini breaks down. Virat lashes out at Sai while Omkar scolds Mohit for hiding the truth. Virat says Sai is living happily in Kankauli and has already moved on in her life.

Next, Pakhi tries to make the Chavans understand and stand behind Sai. She claims that the latter helped Virat and Vinayak and treated them as well. While Bhavani speaks against Sai and Virat declares that she is dead to them.

While Ashwini shares her pain with Bhavani and Sonali. He declares that Sai can never forgive, while Jagtap walks into Savi’s room and wakes him up. He Tries To Change Her Mood As She Was Suffering From Fever. Sai tries to protest and ask him to stay away from Savi, but the latter ignores her.

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