Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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MLA Gulab Rao threatens Sai that she is alone and all the supporters of his men can harm her and her daughter if they teach women. Sai asks if he is threatening her. He says that behind every man’s success is a woman, so let the woman be behind and not lead the man. Sai stands fearlessly. The MLA warns her to focus on her work and vote for him quietly. Virat video chats with Vinayak and questions about his first day at camp. Vinayak shares his experience. Virat asks him to rest and call him if he is not sleeping. Savi suggests Sai to file a police complaint against the MLA and his men and get them arrested. Sai Refuses And Asks her not to fall into it as she is very small. Usha Tai asks Sai who is Vinayak. Sai remembers Vinayak.

Vinayak also recalls how Sai pampered him and encouraged him to pursue his dream of winning a running race. Sai Says There A cute boy in a school camp who is physically challenged and wears braces, she felt attracted to a boy because of a boy. Vinay takes off his braces and tries to walk but falls. Sai remembers Vinayak calling her Aayi/mother. Vinayak tries to get up. Sai gets a call from the principal who informs her about Vinayak’s condition and asks her to visit the camp immediately. Sai asks the director to bring Vinayak to her home clinic instead. The principal with the teacher brings Vinayak to Sai’s home clinic. Sai bandages Vinayak’s injury to keep him busy at the lodge. Vinayak is feeling happy. Sai asks him to get up. He writes in pain. Sai offers him medicine and asks him to try to get up again. He writhes in pain again.

Savi goes to Vinayak and asks if the boys bullied him again. Sai asks which boys. Savi reveals that several boys have been bullying Vinayak in the camp. Sai asks if he gets bullied regularly. Vinayak agrees and says that Akshay and his team bully him and taunt him that he would never be able to run or win a race. Sai comforts him and encourages him not to mind anyone’s words as he is brave and should act strong. Savi Says Her Aayi Is Very Strong And Brave And Can Do What She Wants To, She Cured Him Like She Promised. Usha brings turmeric milk for vinayak. Sai asks the principal if Vinayak can stay here and further care. The director agrees. Sai asks if she informed Vinayak’s parents. Virat Message Vinayak If He Is Awake and He thinks he must be sleeping when he doesn’t get a reply. Vinayak asks Sai not to inform her father as he will be scared. The director calls Virat but his phone switches off. Main sheets.

Savi offers a hand of friendship to Vinayak and he accepts it. Savi shows him her drawing. She says she sees Savi and her mother where is her baba. Savi asks Sai to tell Vinayak where her Baba is. Sai sits and cries. Savi asks if she has a grandmother/father. Vinayak says that his father helps him a lot and protects him. Savi says she will protect him here as he is very strong. Sai asks what he wants to be when he grows up. Vinayak says Doctor like her. Sai says Savi never wanted to be a doctor. She Makes Vinayak Sleep On A Post And Sleeps Between Vinayak and Savi. Vinayak looks at Savi’s drawings. His school bag falls. Trying to pick it out.

Missing Vinayak, Virat decides to surprise him. He heads towards the camp and notices a tree branch fall on the road. Noticing Savi’s message on the tree “When will you come baby”, he gets out of the car to drop it off. He This Kid Is Missing Her/His Father And Writes Down Baba Will Come Soon.

Introduction: Sai reads Virat’s message and feels happy that her Baba is coming. She Takes Under Rain To Show The Message. Virat drives the car towards them.


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