Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Sai Breaks Down and Breaks Things in Her Room, Shouting Why Did Virat Enter In Her Life Again. She says she was happy in her life with her daughter, so why did he suddenly come back and ruin everything. She asks God if he wants her to always be in sorrow. He notices her hands bleeding and wonders why she feels sick. She imagines her father/Aab, who asks her to show her injury and bandage it. He asks if she feels bad seeing Virat with someone else. Sai says he doesn’t know what to say to Savi. Aaba says she knows she can’t lie to her Aaba even if she tries. Sai Says She Feels Bad For Savi. Aaba says it is good to think of her daughter but she should not hide her feelings.

Sai says she was happy in her own life and didn’t want to accompany anyone, she forgot her past. Aaba says that if she forgot her past, she wouldn’t have hurt her hand; If she can move on in her life, even Virat can and so she shouldn’t feel bad; The truth is that she still loves Virat. Sai says she doesn’t love Virat and hopes that if he hadn’t brought Virat into her life and married Virat, Virat would have been happy with Pakhi; He feels like she was a burden to Virat that he wanted to get rid of and once she was out of Virat’s life he married Pakhi. Aabha says everything happens in life for a reason, she and Virat got together and Pakhi got separated and similarly she got separated and Pakhi got together for a reason, even Virat’s comeback is for a reason so she should control her emotions and prepare for it Support yourself. She says there is a lot in the box of life, she should sometimes thank god for his gift and sometimes be patient or else pain and sorrows will make a place in her life.

Sai realizes his imagination and thinks to end every reason through which Virat can enter his life. The next morning, Savi wakes her up and asks why she is still not ready to meet Vinayaka and her father. He notices the injury on Sai’s hand and asks how she got it and why all the things are broken. Sai says she accidentally got injured. Savi Ask her to get ready to meet Vinayak and her father soon. Sai says they are not going anywhere. Savi leaves sadly. On the other side, Pakhi gets ready for Virat and says she feels they are in a hurry and they should seek Sai’s advice if he can travel. Virat says he doesn’t need anyone’s advice. Mohit enters and says his condition is still critical and it is risky for him to travel in this condition. Virat says why would he worry when his younger brother is with him. Mohit takes the bags away. Vinayak asks Virat if they are returning home without his treatment. Pakhi says Virat needs treatment in Nagpur. Vinayak says that doctor aunty will also treat Virat and promised to make him walk without braces.

Sai calls Usha and asks Savi where she is. Savi angrily says she doesn’t know. Sai is afraid if Usha meets Virat and informs him about Savi. Virat tells Vinayak that the best doctor of Nagpur will treat him. Ninad calls Pakhi. Pakhi talks to him and gives the phone to Virat. Ninad asks if she is going anywhere. Virat says he is coming home. Ninad happily informs the family. Ashwini talks to Vinayak. Vinayak says he will miss Savi and her mother. Ashwini asks him to bring them. The family then informs Virat about Pakhi’s birthday and wishes Pakhi a happy birthday. Harini passes by. Family Forces Wish Her Happy Birthday Pakhi. Pakhi says they will reach home and celebrate her birthday.

Usha cries and watches Virat and Pakhi from a distance. Sai Reaches Her Andasks If She Wants to Reveal about Savi to Virat Even now after Virat’s Family Virat has no place for Sai and Savi in ​​her life. Usha says she is right and leaves. Virat apologizes to Pakhi for not remembering her birthday. Pakhi says its fine as he was tensed, they will celebrate her birthday when she recovers. Virat Says that she is so mature and thanks her for understanding his situation. Pakhi asks him to go outside while she checks if anything is left. Virat walks out. Pakhi notices Sai.

Pre-Chapter: Sai Gifts A Rose To Savi And Say I Love You.
Savi Gifts Same Rose Vinayaka. Vinayak Gifts That Rose To Virat And Asses Him To Gift It To Pakhi For Her Birthday.


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