Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 23rd August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Sai spends time with Savi before sleeping. She asks Savi to narrate the story for them. She recites their story as dinosaurs and indirectly mocks Sai for not taking her out. Sai thinks she is mocking her more than Bhavani and asks what happened next. Savi says that the little dinosaur was kidnapped and his mother was worried about him. Usha Tai joins them. Savi continues his story and says that the inspector managed to save the little dinosaur.

Virat looks at Vinayak’s photo and misses him. Sai laughs at Savi and asks that there were no humans during the era of dinosaurs, then how did the inspector come there. Savi continues the story of How the inspector bravely fought the kidnapper, saved the little dinosaur and returned it to its mother. She Sleeps And Murmurs When Will Her Papa Come. Usha says that Savi is missing her father and asks why she doesn’t reveal that Savi’s father is a police officer. Sai says that Savi’s mother’s father was a police officer and referring to Virat’s accusations she says that she has closed this chapter of her life and doesn’t want to remember it again, she left Gadchiroli and shifted to Kankauli for the same reason. Virat recalls his last fight.

The next morning, Sai and Savi visit the school grounds as assistants in a children’s camp. The director thanks Sai for coming. The employee asks the principal where he should keep the kid’s trophy. Savi asks the director of children like her won these trophies. The principal says yes and says the school has done them proud. Savi Says Like She Makes Everyone Proud With Her Intelligence. Sai Says Principal He understood her point and asked her to go and play. The principal praises Sai for home-schooling Savi and gives her good morals. She returns to her office where her subordinates discuss that Sai is too qualified to stay in a small village and can get a better job in the city. She says she has never seen Sai’s husband. The director says neither does she.

Vinayak’s classmates bully him for his disability and taunt him that he is always late for the running race. Vinayak gives them a befitting reply. A classmate pushes him to the ground and calls him a loser. Noticing this, Savi helps Vinayak up and tongue-lashes the bullies who are harassing the disabled classmate. Classmates run away. Noticing Vinayak’s leg braces, Savi asks if it hurts. Vinayak says a lot but is helpless. Savi says her mother is a doctor who will treat him. They introduce themselves and walk while holding hands.

Sai monitors students’ vital signs. Savi takes Vinayak to her. Vinayak Slips. Sai holds him. Nanha Sa Chand Tu Mere Aasmaan Ka.. The song is playing in the background. Vinayak calls her Aayi/mother. Savi asks why he calls her Aayi as his Aayi. Vinayak says by mistake and apologizes. Sai asks his name. Says Vinayak. Sai Gets Emotional Remembering Her Son Vinayak. Vinayak asks if she is fine. Sai says yes and asks since when is she wearing braces. He says he was very small and shows his medicine. Savi says her mother will cure his disease. Vinayak asks if he can participate in the school race. Sai encourages him to work hard and make his dream a reality. Vinayak Promises Her And Says Even Her Baba Says Same. Sai helps him walk. Savi asks her if Vinayak would be fine. Sai says if Vinayak has made up his mind, he will make up his mind.

Sai returns home after some time and teaches maths to the neighbor Ldies again. The neighbor asks what she will do with her studies when her husband handles the money. Sai says she herself can control her bank account. The women’s husbands enter and snatch the books from them. The local MLA is provoking them to do so. Sai confronts them and warns them not to dare any woman. Savi asks why they are doing this. Sai says he doesn’t see women’s progress and is afraid of them. The MLA threatens Sai not to teach women or face dire consequences.

Pre-chapter: Vinayak informs Savi that her father is also a police officer. Vurat reaches the camp.


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