Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 22nd August 2022 Written Episode Written Update

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Savi insists on taking her to his favorite place. Sai says she has a lot of work so she should come home soon. Savi says he treats patients, does housework but never takes her to his favorite place. Sai agrees to take her to his favorite place. On the way, the villagers meet Savi and invite her to their house. They reach the Police Training Academy. Sai asks why he comes here daily. Savi says she wants to become a police officer when she grows up. A passer-by asks her the same thing. He repeats the same answer. Sai tells Savi that one day she will be a brave police officer. Savi notices a boy walking by with his father and asks Sai what her father’s name is. Sai tries to change the subject and offers to take her to an ice cream parlour. Savi refuses and insists on informing her about his father.

Virat is portrayed as a brave officer who is on a mission to kill terrorists. He calls Vinayak who informs him that he is going to a school camp and asks where he is. He says he is playing hide and seek and calls him Vinu. Vinayak asks him not to call him Vinu when he grows up. They interact a bit and hang up. Virat succeeds in his mission.

Savi returns home angry. Usha asks why she is upset. Savi says mom didn’t reveal her father’s name. Usha prepares tea for Sai and pampers Savi. Savi takes the neighbors’ PT class after watching police boot camp training. Sai and Usha enjoy it. Usha says Savi reminds her of Sai’s childhood, now Sai has taken over Kamal. The neighbors like Savi’s naughty behavior. Sai sends Savi in ​​and takes math classes for the ladies. Her phone rings. Savi reminds that she should only focus on the class or she will be punished. Sai continues his teaching.

The school principal calls Sai and asks her to be their school medical counselor during the camp. Sai agrees. Headmaster says Nagpur school children will reach there anytime. Sai recalls his last fight with Virat. The principal asks Sai if she will join the camp by 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. Sai says yes. The director asks her to bring Savi. Sai Notices A Neighbor Jyoti’s Hand Inrany A She asks if her husband has physically abused her again and asks why she won’t leave him. Jyoti says Sai won’t understand as she doesn’t have a husband. Sai walks in crying, remembering her last fight with Virat. Usha asks why she didn’t tell Jyoti that she has a husband too. Sai again recalls the whole incident Til her accident and loss of Vinayak and asks her not to talk about her husband again as her family is only Savi and Usha; Virat is a cop and he would have easily searched her but he didn’t and hence the chapter of her life is closed.

Introduction: Savi writes when will you come papa to the tree.
Usha tells Sai that one day she has to reveal the name of Sai’s father. Sai says she doesn’t want Savi to know about her father, so she switched to Kankoli from Gadchiroli. Virat reads the message on the tree and prays to God to reunite this child with her/his father. Savi watches him hide.

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