Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Virat mumbles in his sleep why did Sai do this to him. Mohit thinks why did Virat not inform the family that Sai is alive if he still loves Sai. Savi informs Sai that it is time for Vinayak’s practice. Sai tells Pakhi, whatever must have happened, she will make Vinayaka do some exercises and then leave from there. Pakhi asks what Samrat and Kamal’s killer Jagtap are doing with her and her daughter. Sai asks if she asked her how she married Virat. Pakhi says she is ready to answer anything. Sai says he doesn’t want to answer anything and won’t even ask Pakhi, Pakhi can lead a happy life with Virat.

The Chavans call Pakhi and ask her about Virat’s condition. Pakhi informs that Virat was shot, Savi’s mother and Vinayaka’s doctor aunt treated Virat and saved him in time. The family insists on visiting there now. Pakhi says no need to come. The family thanks the doctor for saving Virat’s life and insists that he talk to her. Pakhi says doctor is not here, she will let them talk to her when he comes back. Mohit asks Pakhi why she didn’t inform the family that Sai is the doctor who saved Virat, he calls and informs them. Pakhi stops him and says she wants to talk to Virat first and then inform the family about Sai. Mohit agrees and hopes that all these incidents will not bring a new storm in their lives.

Sai exercises Vinayaka’s legs. Vinayak writhes in pain. Pakhi rushes to her and asks if she is fine. Sai asks her not to worry as her son will be fine after treatment, his knees are strained after yesterday’s incident. Pakhi asks her not to worry as her mother will treat Vinayak well. Pakhi says she knows Savi’s mother is a good doctor and Vinayak will get well with her treatment. She says Vinayak wants to become a doctor like her mother. Savi says she wants to become a police officer like Vinayak’s father and dreams of saving people’s lives like him. Pakhi asks about Savi’s father. Savi sadly says she doesn’t know but Bappa wrote on the tree and promised to send her father soon. Sai tells Vinayak that she will leave the herbal medicine for him as she goes. Vinayak asks how can he when his father is still sick. Sai says she informed someone about the treatment protocol and left.

Virat has a nightmare when Jagtap kills Kamal and Samrat and wakes up. She comes out and seethes Sai with Jagtap. He asks Sai what he is doing with his father’s killer, Rando’s brother. Sai says she doesn’t have to answer him. He shoots Jagtap in a fit of rage and wakes up, realizing that it was his nightmare within a nightmare. Pakhi notices that she is bleeding and asks Mohit to call Sai soon.

At Chavan House, Harini tries to leave the house at 8:00 PM. Bhavani asks where is she going. Harini asks who is she, ask her. Shivani says Bhavani is worried about her as it is already 8 pm so she can take Pakhi’s car and driver. Harini Tongues whips them that it is their trick to control her life, they are not happy to get her out of the hostel, that they want to act like a puppet to them etc. Bhavani warns her to stop saying that. Harini says she is going to her friend’s birthday party and warns her to stop interfering in her life again. Sonali reminds Bhavani about Pakhi’s birthday party. Shivani Tongue Lashes Her That Virat Is Fighting For His Life And Sonali Wants To Celebrate Pakhi’s Birthday. Bhavani says Virat has already won the battle and Pakhi always stands by him so he deserves a birthday party.

Pakhi tries to console Virat says doctor has to come anytime. Sai walks in and remembers Pakhi denying her permission to treat Virat earlier. He writes the prescription and asks Pakhi to get them from the dispensary. Pakhi leaves. Sai tries to check Virat’s wound. Virat holds her hand tightly and insists her to tell what she was doing with Jagtap. Sai asks why he married Pakhi and how Vinayak came into his life. Virat says it’s a long story but he wants to know why Jagtap is in her life now. Sai releases his hand angrily.

Pre-chapter: Sai tells Pakhi that Virat may not be happy to treat her but he is not fit to travel. Virat says he doesn’t have to worry about him as he goes home with his family and leaves holding Pakhi’s hand.


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