Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 20th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Pakhi asks Vinayaka to describe what exactly happened to Baba/Virat. Vinayak says Goons shot Baba but she need not worry as doctor aunty removed the bullet in time. Chavans call Pakhi and ask how Virat and Vinayak are. Pakhi says Virat is shot but Vinayaka’s doctor aunt removed the bullet in time and saved Virat. She prays well to keep Vinayak’s doctor aunt happy who saved Virat. The Chavans also pray and thank Dr. Madam. Virat opens his eyes. Mohit informs that they got a call and the same here. Sai stumbles. Jagtap holds her and takes her away. Virat Fumes See It. Jagtap makes Sai sit and offers her water. He asks her if Virat married Pakhi, does Virat know about Savi. Savi asks what he doesn’t know. Sai says nothing. Savi says Sai is weak after helping others and not taking care of herself, so she brings her food. Sai asks Jagtap to take the medicine money and leave from there.

Savi introduces herself to Pakhi and describes how her mother stumbled after constantly serving others and not having food since yesterday. Pakhi asks her to take her to her mother. Sai Enters With Vinayak. Pakhi is shocked to see Sai alive. Sai walks into Virat’s room. Mohit is also shocked to see her alive. Sai tells Virat that he should rest as he is very weak. Virat recalls MLA’s words that Sai is having an affair with many goons and thinks Sai is staying with Jagtap now. Sai thinks that Virat has finally married Pakhi. Sai leaves. Pakhi is more shocked to see Savi playing with Jagtap. Even Mohit notices Jagtap and asks Pakhi if Virat informed that Sai is alive. Pakhi says no.

Pakhi serves breakfast to Vinayak. Vinayak says his legs are hurting badly. Sai says it’s because he was straining him since yesterday, she will teach him some exercises to ease his pain. Pakhi thinks why didn’t Virat inform her about Sai. Her inner voice appears and suggests her not to let Sai take back Virat again. Pakhi says Sai is Virat’s first wife and she has first right on Virat. An inner voice asks if he will sacrifice Virat Sai again after that? Sai remembers seeing the Mangalsutra in Pakhi’s neck and sheds tears. Usha asks her to let her pain flow in tears, she is surprised to see Virat and Pakhi coming back into her life like this and is worried for her. Sai says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Usha asks if Vinayak is really Virat and Pakhi’s son. Sai says he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to talk about it.

Pakhi goes to Sai and calls her Dr. Sai Joshi thanks her for saving her husband’s life. Sai calls her Mrs. Virat Chavan and says it is her duty as a doctor to save the patient’s life. She describes how Virat saved Savi’s life and instead says she is grateful to Virat. Pakhi says she feels… Sai says he knows she is not happy seeing her alive. Pakhi says she is really happy to see her alive after so many years of searching for her everywhere and Virat is broken after losing her. She asks if Vinayak is also alive. Sai says he doesn’t know. Pakhi Apologizes For Scratching Her Old Wounds And Says Virat And Vinayak Are Fond Of Savi And Asks If Savi Is Her Daughter. Sai says yes.

Pakhi thanks her for treating Vinayak. Sai says she has already said her duty. Pakhi asks why she didn’t come home after being alive all these years. Sai recalls the incident of leaving home and says that she didn’t leave the house to come back and doesn’t want to talk about her past. Pakhi says she still looks angry with her and she hasn’t forgiven her yet, she can’t forgive herself and she thought she was responsible for all the problems. She apologizes to forgive her and says that she wanted to burn herself alive in the fire of penance, but the family supported her and married her to Virat. She says her life was like a plain piece of paper without anything precious, but she got her whole family back. She begs Sai to forgive her. Sai says that her life is ruined because of Pakhi, as she then forgives Pakhi.

Introduction: Sai tells Pakhi that she has moved on from her past, but Pakhi still loves Virat and is now his wife. Pakhi says that Virat’s second wife wants Virat’s first wife to accompany her to Virat’s house.


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