Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Goon shoots Savi. Virat jumps and protects Savi. MLA Gulab Rao is running away with the goons from here. Pakhi heads to Kankauli with Mohit after informing the family that Virat’s life is in danger when she hears him fighting the goons and the gunshot. Chavani is worried about Virat and Vinayak. Ninad says she will inform the Kankauli police about the incident. Sai rushes to Virat and Savi and finds Savi normal but Virat unconscious and bleeding. Savi and Vinayak ask her to take Virat to the hospital. Sai thinks there is no hospital nearby so she needs to treat Virat herself. She asks the kids to help her lift Virat and put him in the car. Ashwini prays that God protects Virat and Vinayak. Ninad says they also need to be to visit Kankauli if necessary.

Sai gets Virat into the car and sits in the driver’s seat. Savi asks who taught her how to drive. Sai remembers how Virat taught her how to drive and says there is no time to discuss this, they should save Virat first. Vinayak suggests Sai to go to the police academy where they are currently staying. Sai drives towards the Police Academy and asks Usha over the phone to reach the Police Academy with her medical equipment as Virat suffers a gunshot wound. He gets to the Police Academy and calls the police for help. The officer informs that there is a dispensary but the doctor is on vacation. Sai asks him not to worry about it and moves Virat to the dispensary. She assures Savi and Vinayak that Virat will be fine soon.

Pakhi calls Vinayak. Savi speaks and says Vinayak is fine. Vinayak informs that Virat is shot. Savi says she need not worry as her mother is a doctor and she will treat Virat. Sai removes the bullet from Virat’s body presumably without the X-ray machine present. Vinayak insists on staying with Virat tonight. Sai assures him that he will take care of Virat and sends him home with Usha and Savi. Kitni Baatein Yaad Aati Hain.. The song is playing in the background. Sai takes care of Virat and cries. Usha Thinks The Way Sai Is Staring Of Virat, She Hopes They Both Reunite. He prays to God for the same.

The next morning, Sai notices that the medicines are ready and informs Usha that he will go out and bring the medicines and inform her if Virat’s condition worsens a bit. Psst Leaving With The Officer. Pakhi prays that God will protect her husband and son and asks Mohit when they will reach. Mohit says In Some Time. Sai reaches the medical shop and finds that he can only get the injection in the city. She reminds that Jagtap asks her to call him if she needs anything from the city. She calls Jagtap and asks him to bring her Messaged Injection to the police quarters. Pakhi reaches the Police Academy and rushes to Virat’s room. Sai returns and is shocked to see Pakhi and Mohit. He notices Pakhi’s Mangalsutra and realizes that Pakhi is now Virat’s wife. Pakhi begs Virat to wake up and talk to her. Vinayak Walks To Her Calling Her Mamma And Pakhi Hugs And Pampers Him. Sai stands heartbroken seeing all this.

Introduction: Pakhi visits Sai and says no matter how much they try to run away from their past, their past haunts them. Sai says she has moved on from her past but Pakhi still loves Virat and is now his wife. Pakhi says that Virat’s second wife wants Virat’s first wife to accompany her to Virat’s house.


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