Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Pakhi tells Sai that the seeds of lies and betrayal in the land of relationships grow only trees of hatred. She blames Sai that her son hates her because of Sai and she stole her son etc. Sai tries to talk. Pakhi Stops He And Says She Showing Vinayak A Dream Of Running In A Race and Slowly brainwashing him and creating so many identity questions in the mind of a small child, how will he fix it. Sai says to console Pakhi and says that both are mothers and mother asks another mother to let her meet Vinayak; She is a doctor and knows that Vinayak does not trust any member of the Chavan family and it takes time to regain his trust; Still trusting her, Vinayak wants to meet and talk to Vinayak one day. Virat says he doesn’t know about Vinayak but he doesn’t trust her a bit and that’s why Sai shouldn’t leave here if she wants to escape her father’s anger.

Sai says that as a doctor, she just wants to help Vinayak, but if they don’t want her to meet Vinayak, she can’t help. Pakhi asks if she can calm down Vinayak. Sai says that as a doctor she can at least try. Pakhi says she can meet Vinayak then. Virat says she shouldn’t let SAi meet Vinayaka. Pakhi says she is a mother who is worried about her son and wants to get her son out of the bathroom first. Bhavani warns Pakhi that she is repeating her same mistake by letting Sai inside her house. Sai says she doesn’t care about their house and its politics and would never visit them once she successfully treats Vinayak.

Pakhi and Virat take Sai to Vinayaka’s room. Sai talks to Vinayak and asks him to come out of the bathroom. Vinayak says he doesn’t want to talk to her as she was hiding the truth about her adoption. Virat and Pakhi hear this. Sai apologizes to him and says she didn’t mean to hurt him. Vinayak feels suffocated. Sensing this, Sai asks him to take deep breaths as if she were teaching him during the exercise. Vinayak says his biological parents disowned him because he is physically challenged and was a liability to them. Sai says Virat and Pakhi adopted him as they find him too cute and love him immensely. Vinayak refuses to come out even then. Ashwini and Ninad enter. Sai says his grandparents are also very worried and crying for him, he should at least come out for them. Vinayak refuses.

Sai goes on to describe how much Virat and Pakhi love him and would do anything for him. Vinayak asks how she loves Savi. Sai says yes and keeps persuading him, explaining the value of family etc. Vinayak opens the door and comes out. Virat and Pakhi are happy and express their immense love for him. Sai asks Vinayaka to never get angry with his parents and quietly leaves from there. Bhavani and her team standing in the living room look at Sai with a frown. Ninad stops Sai and thanks her for helping Vinayak and says everyone verbally abused her but she didn’t mind and helped Vinayak. Sai apologizes to Bhavani and her team for whatever problems they are facing and tries to leave. Pakhi stops next.

Introduction: At the Ravan Dahan event, Savi tells Vinayak that she will find her real parents today. Vinayak says he will find his father. Savi says they will become a real family. He is afraid to see Ravan’s Effigy burning


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