Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Bhavani scolds Omkar for not completing his task. An intoxicated Omkar asks what he should do as Pakhi ate the spiked drink instead of Sai. Ashwini tells Bhavani that she made a mistake. Bhavani says it was for Sai and asks her not to inform Virat otherwise he would ask her. Virat goes to her and asks why she wanted to get Sai drunk. Bhavani says she did it for him and Pakhi, she wanted to drug Sai and make her do some drama during the party, then humiliate her and make her never look at Chavan Nivas again. Virat says that Pakhi has become a joke because of her heinous act, not even realizing that her nephew and her own family have to face humiliation in front of the Home Minister. Bhavani continues to spew venom against Sai and justify her heinous act. Ashwini says she doesn’t want Sai and Savi on Chavan Nivas again so what Bhavani did was absolutely right. Virat fails to instill some sense into Bhavani’s mind and leaves.

Sai returns home with Savi. Savi tells Usha how much she enjoyed the party. Usha asks Sai if something happened at the party. Sai describes how Virat enjoyed partying with Pakhi. At night, Sai remembers his past with Virat and feels sad, while Virat also feels sad, remembering Sai’s Presence and Pakhi expresses his love for her. Pakhi wakes up in the morning feeling guilty watching yesterday’s parties. Virat enters. Pakhi feels apologetic for her act. Virat says it’s not her fault that she was drunk, even though she shouldn’t have said what she said last night. Pakhi thinks how can he say that when he really means it.

Vinayak plays football in school. His classmates bully him and he says that if he wins the cross-country race, they will dance for him in front of everyone, and if he doesn’t, he will dance for them. Virat enters in his car. His classmates run to see him. Virat asks Vinayaka if the boys bullied him. Vinayak says yes. Virat says Let Us Visit Savi’s House. Sai serves breakfast to Savi. Savi asks if she can pop the question and she saw Vinayak’s photo album and his parents and she didn’t see Vinayak’s childhood photos with his parents. Sai thinks how can there be such pictures like Virat and Pakhi adopted Vinayak. Savi asks why she doesn’t have her grandmother’s photo in her photo album. Sai is nervous and fills Savi’s mouth with food.

Savi says Vinayak parents wedding anniversary was very good, even she wants to celebrate her parents wedding anniversary. Sai To Divert Her Attention Says They Will Visit A ​​Mela Today. Savi says Let Us Visit Kumbh Mela where She May Find Her Baba. Sai Reminds Her Promise To Not Talk About Her Baba Again. Savi walks angrily and says she is dirty aayi. Sayi asks Usha if she has to think why she is being hard on Sai, she knows Savi is growing and getting restless with questions in her mind, so she feels it is time to reveal Her Baba’s Truth to Savi. He hears the bell and opens the door. Vinayak greets him. Sai sends him inside. Virat says he wants to talk to her about yesterday and apologizes for Pakhi’s drama. Sai says she doesn’t want to talk about yesterday and he doesn’t need to apologize to her, instead she is happy for him and Pakhi and is thankful to them for inviting her to celebrate their anniversary and wants to give them something. Virat says no gift is needed. Sai says she wants.


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