Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 18th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Vinayak informs the Chavans that Virat has agreed to accept Pakhi. Bhavani and her team frown when they hear that Ashwini and Ninad are feeling happy. Virat and Pakhi Homecoming. Ashwini asks Virat if Savi is fine, when will he come. Vinayak asks if they should go and bring Savi home. Virat says that Savi will stay with her mother for some time and sends Vinayaka to his room. Bhavani asks Ashwini why she asked about Savi. Vinayak says because Savi is his daughter and she has right to stay with him. Bhavani asks what is the guarantee that Savi is his daughter. Virat says he doesn’t care what others think. Bhavani asks if her opinion doesn’t matter to him at all and what about Pakhi’s opinion if he wants his current wife to serve his ex-wife and daughter. He keeps shouting that Pakhi will be affected by his decision.

Virat says he doesn’t think Pakhi would mind and asks Pakhi if she has a problem if Savi stays here. Bhavani insists Pakhi to say that she has a problem with Savi’s stay, who is surely not Virat’s daughter. Virat stops her and says let the husband talk to his wife and asks Pakhi against if she has any problem. Pakhi says she has no problem and holding his hand says she is happy when he is happy. Virat asks Bhavani if ​​she heard what Pakhi said. Bhavani says what can a wife say when her husband never once sought her opinion. Virat says she too should respect his decision and let the father be with his daughter. He demands that the family behave well with Savi and go to their room. Bhavani frowns and says she will check if Savi is really Virat’s daughter or not and show Virat the truth.

Sai notices Savi drawing something at night and asks why she hasn’t slept yet. Savi says she is drawing their perfect family picture. Virat fixes his, Savi and Vinayak’s pictures on the wall of his room. Pakhi feels displeased seeing this and remembers Bhavani’s words. Ninad and Ashwini plan the gifts to give their granddaughter and feel excited to welcome her. The next morning, Virat gets ready for work. Pakhi silently offers her scarf. Virat says he understands her situation, he never thought life would change like this, he lost Vinayak and got Savi back in his life, he wouldn’t ask God better than this. He asks if she is happy with his happiness.

Pakhi says she found her happiness in his happiness but Sai was not wrong; It is good that Savi came into his life, but he should also think of another aspect; Savi would visit Chavan Nivas because of Savi and this should cause problems between them. Virat gets angry and asks why everyone wants him to stay away from his daughter. Pakhi asks why he is shouting at her and doesn’t understand her, why did he seek her opinion when he didn’t want to listen at all. Virat says she spoke her heart. Pakhi says she didn’t mean it like that at all.

Usha tells Sai that everything is solved. Savi doesn’t say anything, Savi’s visit to Virat’s house will cause trouble between the Chavans, Pakhi is in a dilemma like her. Usha says Pakhi should understand that Sai is Virat’s ex-wife. Sai says she felt the same when Virat grabbed her son and gave him to Pakhi and left home, she feels the same will happen to Pakhi; Pakhi’s perception is not wrong, Virat thinks whatever he thinks is always right, she feels bad for Pakhi. Virat refuses to listen to Pakhi. Virat continues to argue with Pakhi. Ashwini walks in and sees their argument and tries to leave. Virat demands that she say what she wants. Ashwini says they didn’t do Savi’s naming ceremony as per rituals so she wants to do Pooja to welcome Savi home.

Virat says at least someone is happy for him and asks her to invite herself. Ashwini calls Sai. Sai calls her Aayi, then Mrs. Chavan. Ashwini says that she knows differences have developed where Sai calls her Mrs. Chavan and she calls Savi as Dr. Joshi, but God united them with a link called Savi; Missing Savi’s Head Tonsuring, Naming and other ceremonies, she wants to welcome Savi With A Pooja tomorrow. Sai gets emotional and agrees.


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