Ghum Hai Kisi ke Pyaar Mein 17th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Vinayak tells about Savi’s adoption to his family. Everyone is stunned to learn about Virat’s decision to adopt Savi while Vinayak shows his excitement. Bhavani gets furious about the matter and says it is wrong. While Ashwini and Ninad are excited at the thought of their granddaughter coming back to their house. At that time Virat also comes there and Pakhi happily confirms this news to his family.

Here Virat tells Chavans about his deal with Sai and states that she agreed to make a deal with him regarding Savi. Vinayak asks if Savi will come to their house? To which Virat will assures that he will be there soon but for now he needs his mother so he stays with her. Virat then asks Vinayaka to rest in his room and declares that he will have Savi close to him soon.

Vinayak cheers up and goes to his room. While Bhavani lashes out at Virat regarding his decision. He asks him that who gave him the permission to bring Savi inside their house? To which he replies that she is his daughter and part of their family. Bhavani smiles sarcastically and says there is no proof for that.

Elsewhere, Bhavani states that she won’t accept anything Virat or Sai say and will demand proof. Virat gets furious and declares that he believes Sai and declares that no one can separate him from his daughter Savi. Whereas Bhavani reminds him of Pakhi and asks if he asked her permission before taking any decision?

Virat looks at a confused Bhavani while scolding him for neglecting Pakhia’s feelings. He says he knows Pakhi has no problem while the latter keeps silent. She has tears in her eyes but hides her emotions from them. Bhavani says she feels Pakhia’s feelings and claims that Virat has hurt her. She asks Pakhi to take a stand and tell Virat about her true feelings.

At the front, Virat stops Bhavani from interfering between him and Pakhi. He states that they are married and will manage the matter. He confronts her and asks if she has any problem regarding his and Savi’s relationship? He continues that if he doesn’t want Savi to come there? Bhavani encourages Pakhi to tell the truth but she again lies and says she has no problem and is happy for Virat.

Bhavani is disappointed with Pakhi and asks Virat to open his eyes and see how Pakhi is hurting. He declares that he is blind in love with Savi. While Sai and Usha discuss Virat’s decision and he is excited. Sai expresses his concern for Pakhi and says that he feels her pain. He says history will repeat itself. Meanwhile, Ninad and Ashwini get excited and start buying toys for Savi.

Next, Virat asks Pakhi if anything is bothering her. She forces him to talk about his feelings about his decision, to which she expresses her fear of his and Sai’s affection for Savi. He misunderstood her and lashed out at her saying she wanted to separate him from his daughter. He tries to clear himself and both fetas into an argument while Ashwini comes there and says she wants to invite Savi to their house. She calls Sai and asks for her permission as he cheers up.


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