Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Usha asks Sai If She could not Tolerte Virat Speaking To Vinayak’s Mother And Came To The Kitchen. Sai says she doesn’t care. Usha says that Virat has moved on in life and even after meeting him after years, he was worried when he saw her insult and fought with fools. Sai says Virat is used to bringing trouble in her life and then finding a solution, claiming to be a savior; She just heals her son and nothing else. Pakhi asks Virat what is going on there, he will come there after he completes his business tasks. Virat says no need to come here. Pakhi thinks she knows the female voice she heard in the background.

Sai stands on the lawn and sees Vinayak and Savi playing. Virat goes to them and tells Vinayak that they should go home. Vinayak says he wants to play for some more time. Virat Cough. Sai brings water for him. Virat says if she is so bothered, why did she hide for years and not even call him to reveal that she is alive. Sai asks if he lost his memory. Virat says his memory is fine, she left home with Vinayak. Sai says he supported Pakhi’s wrongdoing and forced her to leave. Virat says: Stop hiding your mistakes and try to justify your actions. Sai says there is no need for her to apologize as it wasn’t her fault at all, instead he was wrong. Virat says Of course. Savi jumps in happiness and says she has defeated Vinayak.

Sai tells Virat that he should go now. Virat says she doesn’t need to worry about him and insists that she tell him why she didn’t call him. Sai says they already discussed that they won’t discuss their past. Virat says if he finds her here in this condition, let him know the truth. He asks whose daughter is Savi. Sai says Savi is her daughter. Virat says that the doctor informed that he cannot have a child. Sai says she is a doctor and she sees such miracles happening, a miracle happened to her too. Virat asks if Sai is really her daughter. Sai says he is. Virat says she left his house with Vinayak and moved on with her life and now she has a daughter. He asks who is Savi’s father. Sai recalls asking his sister to write his name as both father and mother. She says she feels important to answer this question.

Virat says that his family suffered a lot because of her, so he wants to know who is Savi’s father. Sai Says Even He Has Moved On And Is Alleging Her Instead. He says he searched her when she left home and found her name on a list of dead people, he turned into a living corpse. Sai says that he has a son with another woman and named his son as Vinayak who they chose. Virat says her God’s name, even she named her daughter as Savi they chose for their daughter; She Is Alleging Him Of Moving On While She Herself Has Moved On. Sai says asking her instead. Virat says he lost his son because of her. Sai says he made her leave her house with vinayak. Virat says he didn’t force her and threatened her that their relationship would end if she left the house even though she did. Sai says he supported Pakhi’s wrongdoing and considered her more important than his son and wife.

Ashwini notices Pakhi tensed and asks her. Pakhi says she is worried about Virat when Vinayak informs that Virat is injured. Ashwini advises her to visit Virat as her official release is over here and Mohit will handle the business himself. Virat accuses Sai of losing Vinayak to her. Sai accuses that Vinayak is not among them because of him. Vinayak asks if she is talking about him, why did doctor aunty say he is not with her. Virat says Sai is angry that he took Vinayak away yesterday. Savi asks why he took Vinayak away. Sai says it is past and they won’t talk about past anymore. Virat Leaves S Vinayak Waves Bye To Savi.

MLA Gulab Rao returns and fumes unable to bear his humiliation. He orders his goons to go and take revenge on Sai and Virat and teach them a lesson. The goons pick their weapons and head towards Sai’s house. Pakhi is prepared after bath. Mohit walks in and asks her to sign important documents. Pakhi signs and returns them. Mohit says he wants to thank her for trusting her and bragging about her morals. He continues to praise her and says he’s sorry for not understanding her in the past. Pakhi says she always considered him as her younger brother and has no complaints against him.

Gulab Rao’s Goons Puncture Virat’s Car Tyres. Virat notices the punctured tires and wonders how this could happen. The goon smashes the bottle on Virat’s head from behind. Sai is worried and fighting the goons and asks Savi to go inside. Sai also fights the goons. Vinayak gets out of the car. Sai runs to support him. The goons kidnap Savi and escape on a bike.

Pre-chapter: Virat and Sai Fight with goons. Goon shoots Savi. Sai begs Virat to save their daughter. Virat Shields Savi.


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