Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

An intoxicated Pakhi asks Virat to play Jambe as she wants to forget herself and dance to his tunes like she did during the yoga camp. Virat says that Jambe has not played for years. She Says Even She Is Just Breathing Since Years and Wants to Live From Hereon And Get Lost In His Tunes. Virat’s senior colleague says he didn’t know the officer of his department is a multi-talent, he should never say no to his boss and wife. Virat Agrees And Sits In Front Of Jambe. Everyone encourage Vriat to continue. Pakhi announces that the best drummer will show his talent and she will show her dancing talent. She dances passionately while Virat plays drums and sings. Pakhi Hugs Virat At End Of Performance. Sai feels jealous when he sees everyone clapping for them. She Tries To Leave The Venue With Savi When Pakhi Says I Love You To Virat. The Chavans rejoice to hear this.

Pakhi says she loves Virat immensely since she saw him for the first time and is very happy to be his wife now. Savi tells Sai that she wants to stay for some more time. Pakhi stops Sai and asks her to stay for some more time. Sai says she can’t. Pakhi holds Sai’s hand and forcefully takes it back. She Addresses The Guests That She Wants To Introduce The Special Guest Sai Who Is.. Sonali Hopes Sai Doesn’t Reveal That Sai Is Virat’s Ex-Wife. Pakhi says that Sai is her son Vinayaka’s doctor who treats Vinayaka and is sure that he can be normal and run in the race. She says that the mother and wife thank her from the bottom of their hearts. Then he insists Sai to speak a few words. Sai stands Supet. Virat tries to stop Pakhi. Pakhi hugs him and says she is very happy as it is her wedding anniversary.

Sai says she doesn’t know what to say after Mrs. Chavan hands her the microphone. She Wants To Say That.. Sonali Says Sai Used To Gather Everyone Without Mic And Tarnish Family Name, Don’t Know What She Will Do Now. Ashwini says Sai will humiliate Pakhi. Sai says she wants to congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Chavan on their wedding anniversary, they look like they are made for each other, their wedding anniversary cake was good, she didn’t know that Mr. Chavan plays Jambe so well, they have their Family support and she is for them happy, etc. Pakhi claps. Sai Tongue Lashes Bhavani and says she should be ashamed of doing such heinous acts in her old age. Bhavani shouts what is nonsense. Sai Says Bhavani knows what she is thinking, pitying her rotten thinking and her supporting blind people around her. Bhavani and her team are speechless. Sai leaves.

Pakhi collapses. Virat takes her away. Bhavani apologizes to the guests for Pakhi’s behavior and says Pakhi is very happy today. Virat Carries Pakhi In Her Room Ad Makes Her Lie On Her Bed. Pakhi mumbles that she is very happy today. Virat says he will get lemonade for her. Pakhi asks him to side next to her as he feels so good. She asks if he danced with her to make Sai feel jealous and feel bad That Sai Wishing Jim Happy Anniversary and Long Married Life. Virat says there is no such thing.

Pakhi says his eyes are telling the truth. Wiping her tears, Virat asks her to rest. Pakhi asks why is she not letting Sai go between them, does she still love Sai? Virat says it will never happen again. Pakhi asks if she will inform her if this happens and who will she choose between her and Sai. Virat asks what is this question, that day will never come. Pakhi says nothing is fixed in future, anything can happen, so she wants to know if he will choose her or Sai. Virat says she should sleep as it is late at night. Pakhi repeatedly says I love you and falls asleep hugging him. Virat makes her sleep on the bed and tries to sleep. She holds his hand and repeats who she will choose.

Precap: Virat and Pakhi accuse Sai of snatching Vinayak away from them by revealing to Vinayak that he is adopted. Vinayak is said to have left home after learning about it. Sai rejects their accusations and says she will look for Vinaya and bring him back, it’s up to Virat to help her or not. Virat accompanies her while Pakhi looks angry.


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