Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 14th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

Virat excitedly describes his plan to keep Savi busy and not miss her mother. Pakhi says its a good plan but he did all this for Savi and forgot about Veena. Virat says that Vinu’s corner is his room and he has set Savi’s corner here. Pakhi gets Dupatta to spread Savi’s tent and says she wants to spend time with 3 of them. Virat says its a good idea. Ashwini Pampers Savi. Savi wakes up and says good morning ma’am. Ashwini Answers. Savi asks why was she touching her face, is something stuck. Aayi asks about her. Vinayak walks in and asks if she woke up. Savi asks if her Aayi came. Vinayak says no. Ashwini leaves. Virat notices Pakhi’s burnt Dupatta. Pakhi explains how it got burnt. Virat apologizes for not paying attention to her. Pakhi says she is happy for him that he got his daughter and has no complaints.

In Lockup, Sai imagines Savi confronting her for keeping her father and brother away from her, she is now happy with them and calls her selfish. Savi insists that Virat and Vinayak let her talk to Sai. Virat thinks that if he lets her talk to Sai, she will find out the truth and hate him. Jagtap visits Sai. Sai gets angry with him for revealing the truth to Virat. Jagtap says he was worried about Savi as she was missing her father, Virat didn’t know that Savi is his daughter, Sai was leaving for Kankauli. Sai says his irresponsible act landed her in jail. Jagtap says he wanted to set things right. Sai Says Virat Reacted Hearing The Truth From A Man He Hates Most Jagtap Apologizes Her. Sai says she lost her father and brother because of him, had to marry Virat and now she lost her daughter and is in jail because of him. He warns him that if anything happens to Savi, he will ruin her life. She collapses. Jagtap rushes to call the police.

Vinayak asks Virat to unblock Sai’s number on his mobile. Virat does. Savi calls Sai. Constable Picks It When Jagtap Informs Her That Savi Collapsed And Takes Her Away. Savi feels disappointed. Virat says her mother must be busy and will call her later, he has planned the whole day for the 3 of them. Savi asks him to cancel his plan and give her Aayi’s address, she will go there with Vinu. He tells Vinu that he won’t take her out and reminds what happened last time when they went out alone. Virat says that Savi’s Aayi is in a remote medical camp and if Savi gets lost and is looking for her, her Aayi will alert her police uncle. Savi insists on meeting her mother and cries. Virat thinks he made a mistake by keeping Savi away from her mother.

The constable takes Sai out. Jagtap Splashes Water On Face. Constable Comments She Is Acting. Jagtap Tongue whips him for keeping the mother away from her daughter and keeping her hungry since yesterday. The inspector intervenes and goes outside to check on Sai and finds her at the police station who has escaped. Jagtap thinks she acted while running away from the police station. Ashwini Comforts Savi talks to her and convinces her to have breakfast. Sai leaves the police station thinking that he will meet his daughter at any cost.


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