Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 12th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein
Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein

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Virat wakes up at midnight after having a nightmare of Sai taking Savi from him. He looks around and worries when he couldn’t find Savi. He starts panicking and searches for her, while Vinayak also wakes up and hears his voice. He asks about the matter to which Virat states that he could not find Savi. They start looking for her and then go downstairs. Virat sees all around the house while Chavans also comes out and asks about the problem. Virat becomes tensed and states that Savi is missing. Everyone is shocked.

Here Virat announced that he couldn’t find Savi when he woke up. All the family members tense up and start looking for the other one. Virat suspects that it must be Sai who sneaked into their house and took Savi away. She also assumes that Jagtap must have helped her kidnap Savi from their house.

Virat declares that he will teach Sai a lesson and declares that he cannot stay without Savi. Meanwhile, Savi calls his name from the stairs at that time. Everyone looks towards her as she climbs down and comes to Virat. He asks why she is afraid? To which he states that he was looking for her. She replies that she went to the bathroom.

Elsewhere, Virat kneels before Savi and showers his love for her. Then she complains that her mother won’t meet her? She declares that she needs Sai and starts crying. She states that she misses her mother while Chavans feels bad for her. Everyone tries to console her, including Vinayaka who assures her that Sai will come soon.

Virat assures Savi that he is there for her, while she says that her mother never left her alone. She asks why he can’t see her, to which Virat starts singing a lullaby for Savi. Pakhi also tries to pacify the others but is unsuccessful. Virat Takes Savi Inside The Room And Sleeps Her While Singing Lullaby For Her While Vinayak Also Sits Next To Her.

Up ahead, Ninad tells Virat that DIG Sir is trying to contact him. He calls second while DIG Sir Ask him to come to police station. The latter tries to resolve Sai and Virat’s conflict, but the latter blames Sai and declares that he will make her pay for her mistake. It shows that he has already lodged an FIR against her.

Commission Sir and Sai are shocked to see the EAT while Virat decides to keep Sai in jail until he completes his sentence. She states that she kept Savi away from him for several years and was about to take her away from him again. He declares that their matter will be settled in court and then leaves while Sai lashes out at him. DIG Sir Assures To Bring Sai Out And Assures To Help Her With The Lawyer.

Ashwini further looks at Savi and gets emotional. She Showers Her Love Towards The Latter while Virat returns back home and confronts Ninad. The latter asks him to forgive Sai, to whom he reminds her of her actions and states that she needs punishment. Meanwhile, Virat arranges all the gifts for Savi while Pakhi takes care of him. He decides to make everything perfect for Savi and plans to spend the whole day with her while Pakhi asks him if he brought anything for Vinayak? To which Virat pauses.


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