Garena Free Fire OB37 Update Patch Notes

Garena Free Fire OB37 Update Patch Notes
Garena Free Fire OB37 Update Patch Notes

Update 0B37 has arrived for Garena Free Fire and here is the full list of changes and fixes added with this patch. The battle royale game was developed and published by Garena in 2017 and seems to have received some pretty great feedback from players. As of 2022, it is one of the most popular mobile games and offers a better gaming experience with regular updates. The latest version that kicked off today is called Winterlands and it brings a lot of changes and modes. Here’s everything new with Garena Free Fire OB37 update.


Garena Free Fire OB37 Update Notes

  • 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal and Hard. Players must first pass the current difficulty before advancing to the next.
  • Team: Team by default. Beat the Hard stage to unlock solo mode.
  • Victory condition: Go through 6 stages and defeat the final boss.
  • Revive Mechanic: Revive a few moments after being knocked out if you have at least one surviving teammate
  • Random Buffs: Choose a buff after completing each stage
  • Talents: Earn Talent Points in matches and use them to upgrade your Talents from the lobby. Talents are permanent combat boosts.
  • Available for collection on 11/16/2022.

Soccer team mode

“We’re sure you’ve noticed the soccer field on Social Island! In this patch, we’re excited to introduce a 4v4 soccer mode where you can enjoy friendly rivalry on a grass field!”

Garena Free Fire OB37 Update – Most Important Mods:

Team: 4v4.

  • Victory condition: Score as many goals as possible within the time limit.
  • Position: Choose to play as an attacker (with Tatsuya’s Rebel Rush skill) or a defender (with Chrono’s Time Turner skill). – Random Power-Up Items: Randomly get a Gloo Wall or Flash Freeze during a match to help you out.
  • Available 12/02/2022.

Football Fire – Social Island

“The Social Island soccer game will finally be available in this patch! Unlike other pastimes on the island, this mode adds friendly competition to the casual atmosphere. If you are tired of shootouts, definitely come here and shoot goals!”

Advantages of the mode:

  • Offense Type: Use the soccer shooter to shoot the ball and score goals
  • Winning Team: The side that scores more goals.
  • Duration: 6 minutes. Available for collection on 11/16/2022.


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