Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for January 12: Pets, weapons, costumes and diamonds

Garena Free Fire MAX
Garena Free Fire MAX

Garena Free Fire MAX Redemption Codes for January 12th: These codes are time bound so don’t forget to redeem them on the official website for redemption. Know how.

Garena Free Fire MAX Redeem Codes for January 12: One of the few remaining online multiplayer fighting games in India, Free Fire Max is gaining popularity due to its superior graphics and animations. The game is basically a smoother version of the original title and the only difference is that it is optimized to provide a much nicer environment and some exclusives (which do not affect competitiveness). And just like the original title, getting premium packs is almost impossible unless the player is willing to earn real money in the game. However, the developers have introduced redemption codes that players can use to win bonuses that include in-game items including free diamonds and premium packs. So check out what’s on offer today and claim these codes. Details below.

Garena Free Fire North America Twitter released a new announcement on how to win prizes after the update. The tweet said: “The new version is a challenge! Log in, play a match, defeat an enemy and move 1000 meters. Easy, right? This is what you need to do to get these rewards in the new version.”


Garena Free Fire MAX Redemption Codes for January 12

Redemption codes are unique 12-digit alphanumeric codes where each code contains an individual item in the game. So, just like the lottery, you can win anything from weapon cards to premium packs. As there is no upper limit on the number of codes you can redeem, you can claim multiple codes and win the best rewards, but one code can only be redeemed once by a player. To redeem the codes, players will have to visit the official website for redemption. The procedure is explained below.

There are a few rules you need to know. Codes are limited to 12-18 hours, so be sure to redeem them in time. Also, some codes may be region locked and may not open for you. To make sure it doesn’t affect the gifts you can win, try to get as many codes as possible.

Today’s redemption codes:














Garena Free Fire MAX: How To Get Free Redemption Codes For January 12th

Step 1: Visit the Redemption game website by clicking on the link –

Step 2: Login to your game account using Facebook, Google, Twitter, Apple ID, Huawei ID and VK.

Step 3: Now you will have to enter any of the redeem codes in the text field and then click on the confirm button.

Step 4: And it’s done! You will receive a notification whether the payout was successful or not. Rewards will appear in your mail section within 24 hours if successfully claimed.


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