Free Fire Friends Callback event: Here is how you can get 29,999 diamonds

Garena Free Fire MAX
Garena Free Fire MAX

Free Fire Max”>Garena Free Fire Max Daily Redemption Codes for August 29 has been released and brings a new set of rewards, weapons, skins, characters and diamonds. Similar to Garena Free Fire, Garena Free Fire MAX allows players to grab- game items, such as characters, weapons, skins and much more for free. As the name suggests, Garena Free Fire MAX is an upgraded version of Garena Free Fire with more advanced effects, animations and graphics. The gameplay and other rules are the same. to Free Fire. Players who already have a Garena Free Fire account, they can login to Free Fire MAX using their existing login details, the steps to get the rewards are very simple and easy and you can claim today’s free bonuses on the Free Fire redemption website at https://reward.ff Check out today’s free Fire Max redemption codes here

Garena Free Fire MAX is one of the most popular battle royals in India and the game is loaded with lots of in-game prizes and giveaways.

However, some rare items would need diamonds, which sometimes cost a lot of money in the real world.

However, there are some events in the game that give you a great chance to win some free rewards.

One such event is that the friends callback happened several times.

The Friends Callback is once again part of the game’s 5th anniversary celebrations. It is available in Free Fire and Free Fire MAX versions.

The event claimed that users who might be lucky would end up with up to 29,999 diamonds as well as prizes.


Garena Free Fire MAX: Here’s How You Can Save 29,999 Diamonds

In the event, users can get Violet Beams Crates and Diamond Royale Vouchers by inviting in-game friends back to the game.

This is especially for those who have been inactive in the game for a while.

The game’s primary buzz is the huge prize of 29,999 diamonds that a lucky few can obtain via Violet Beams crates. However, rewards will need to be claimed by September 1, 2022 at 3:59:59 AM. After that, the event will be offline.

Here are the steps

Step 1: Open Free Fire MAX and login

Step 2: Open the events section in the lobby using the ‘Calendar’ icon.

Step 3: On the 5th anniversary tab, click on the ‘Callback Your Friends’ event. Players can view the following missions and rewards:

  • Call back one friend: One Crate of Violet Beams and one Diamond Royale Voucher (Expires: 30 Sep 2022)
  • Call Three Friends: Three Violet Beams Crates, Two Diamond Royale Vouchers (Expires: September 30, 2022) and Unite – FF 5th Anniversary (Theme Song)
  • Call back five friends: Five Violet Beams Crate and three Diamond Royale Vouchers (Expiration: 30 September 2022)
  • Call Back Seven Friends: Seven Purple Ray Crates and Five Diamond Royale Vouchers (Expires: September 30, 2022)

Players can use Diamond Royale vouchers in the Luck Royale section, while Violet Beams crates provide random rewards when opened. Here are the rewards players can get through Violet Beams Crates in Free Fire or its MAX variant:

29,999 diamonds

  • Five amethyst pentagons
  • Four amethyst pentagons
  • Three amethyst pentagons
  • Two amethyst pentagons
  • One Amethyst Pentagon

Step 4: Users are required to click on the ‘Call Back’ button to display the list of inactive friends in the game.

Then, once inactive friends return to the game, the rewards will unlock.

August 30 Free Fire Redeem Codes

The Fee Fire Redeem Code is a 12/16 digit code containing several combinations of letters and numbers, which allows players to secure a lot of in-game items. Interested users must visit the official Redemption site to redeem the codes successfully. Here is a list of all the redemption codes available for August 30th.


How To Redeem Free August 30 Fire Redeem Codes From Rewards Redemption Site

  • First, open the official website for redemption by clicking here.
  • Copy the Garena ff codes above and paste them into the text box and click “confirm” to continue.
  • Fill all the details (which are necessary) in the box that will open for cross-checking the request by clicking on ‘OK’ option.
  • Finally, open the in-game email section and claim your rewards, which can take up to a day (24 hours to be exact) to appear in your email or in-game profile.


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