Farah Khan Ali, DJ Aqeel are now “officially divorced”


Jewelery designer Farah Khan Ali and DJ Aqeel are now legally separated. On Friday, Farah, daughter of veteran actor Sanjay Khan, confirmed on Instagram that she and Aqeel have finalized their divorce.

“We have been officially divorced and we are happy about it. We wish each other lots of love, happiness and luck in our future journeys,” Farah wrote, adding a couple of happy selfies with Aqeel.

Farah said she and Aqeel “will always be parents to our beautiful children Azaan and Fizaa and nothing will change.”

“Grateful for the journey we’ve taken together,” she added.

It was in March 2021 that Farah announced her separation from Aqeel.

Describing their relationship as “happily separated”, Farah wrote: “Sometimes two people grow apart. Sometimes they outgrow each other. It has been 9 years since my relationship with my husband Aqeel changed from being a couple to just friends and the term would simply say we are ‘happily separated’. We will always be each other’s best friends and parents to our wonderful children Azaan and Fizaa, who love us both equally but accept that we can no longer be a couple.”
The couple ended their marriage by mutual agreement.

“This was a mutual decision that we made together as two adults, and no third party was involved. The reason we are going public now is because those who know us have accepted our situation with grace and have always wished only the best for both.” us especially because we have no animosity towards each other and will always be there for each other. Aqeel is and always will be my family as I will be his. We hope that all our supporters will accept our decision maturely and not judge us for it. It is important to be happy and all of us, Aqeel and I, including our children and families, certainly are. That’s all that matters. Grateful and happy for everything in my life,” the note concluded.

Farah and DJ Aqeel tied the knot in February 1999 and welcomed son Azaan in 2002. In 2005, their daughter Fizaa was born.


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