DTDC Tracking – How to Track DTDC Courier Status

DTDC Tracking
DTDC Tracking

DTDC Courier is one of the most widely used packaging services in India. Parcels set up by DTDC courier can be tracked using the airway bill number.

Door to Door Courier and Cargo limited are what DTDC courier refers to in a concise way. DTDC is a delivery company based in India. They bring packages inside and out. DTDC maintains operations in 15 countries around the world, including the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Singapore.

There are a number of different courier services available in India, including Bluedart, specialist courier, and India postal service. However, the cost of these courier services is very high, making them inaccessible to the average person. Highly recommended is DTDC and Indian post. Check the speed tracking website to find out about India post. This post focuses on tracking the DTDC Courier.


How to Track DTDC courier

When we book a courier service, they will provide a unique tracking number so that we can check the current shipping location at any time. In a similar way, DTDC provides a single air wall bill for each type of load for easy tracking. On the official website, which can be accessed by entering the tracking number and clicking the Track DTDC button, you can use this tracking number to track your package. The following tracking information is made available by:

  • Source: Person/company that has booked DTDC assets. This also provides a place where shipping is booked.
  • Booking Date: Package Date.
  • Status (Transport / Delivery). This indicates that the courier is still working or whether the courier is being delivered.
  • Destination: The place where the courier will be delivered.
  • Status Date: The time when status tracking information is last updated.

In addition to the facts about shipping, dtdc tracking will provide shipping tracking history. Shipping history provides information about different central delivery locations, while shipping facts provide information about package content, such as the number of items included, the type of service provided, and the doctype.

The DTDC courier service offers options that allow you to track multiple shipments in a single action. Customers are able to track up to 25 different submissions with a single click. You can also find out more information about your delivery by contacting the customer service department.

Alternatives to Following DTDC

DTDC provides other ways to track post status. These are listed below:

  • SMS Tracker: By sending a single sms we can track courier status. All we have to do is send an sms by texting ‘DTDC load number’ to 9845324040.
  • Email Tracker: This is an email based solution for tracking. Customers should send an email to track@dtdc.com with all the freight numbers listed in the comma-separated format in the email body.
  • E-Tracker: This is an online solution. The customer or client must integrate package tracking software. For more information on this contact the customer care team.

DTDC E Tracker

With the use of the DTDC E-Tracker web application, tracking relationships between DTDC and customer can be established. Customers with their background systems that can be integrated at the system level and have access to the Internet will benefit greatly from this feature.

HTTP requests, secure FTP integration, and Web service integration are some of the available system integration options. The increased load status is provided from time to time by this solution, which is based on the settings.

In addition to system level integration, this solution can send a customer email with periodic load in CSV file format.

DTDC Courier Services

It is India’s most popular and popular mail delivery service, and it serves a large customer base. Customers can benefit from a variety of services, each of which will be discussed in more detail below.

Home Services: This section includes lite services and VAS options. Only in India can packages be delivered to their destination. Express services and goods are both managed and provided within the country’s borders. Additional support is provided to value-added services such as cash when delivering and load when delivering.

International Services: Under the “international service” category, many types of packaging services are offered. Express delivery is provided with various bag solutions available to students. In addition, cargo services, which include providing access to the airport, are made available for business shipping.

Premium Express: This premium service is a way we can use it whenever we need the package delivered immediately. DTDC plus service ensures that all packages shipped within India will be delivered on the next business day. Additionally, this is not included among premium services, which include blue, prime time as well, and premium express cargo.

Essential Services: Valuable customers, such as companies, international companies, banking institutions, etc., are given priority over other customers. Packages sent by these very important customers are treated with great care to ensure that the internal product is not damaged in any way.

Supply Chain Solutions: DTDC is in charge of the entire supply chain, starting with package collection and continuing until its final delivery. The customer receives a seamless and seamless service. there are no breaks in the service.

DTDC Retail: There is no connection between the courier business and this particular service. It offers a variety of services, including mobile charging, tour ticket bookings, utility billing, financial services, and much more. After downloading and installing the DTDC retail app on a mobile device, users are able to use the available services.

DTDC Carrying Conditions

Functional Transportation systems used by DTDC to connect goods, the provisions mentioned or mentioned in this consignment notice will apply. They also apply if the mode of transport specified on the surface of this freight note does not comply with the terms of the original agreement of the parties or using one or more modes of transport other than the specified means of transport to the delivery note.

The announcement made by the parties will serve as the sole basis for this note of responsibility issued by DTDC. In the event that things fall under the clause of the loss / reimbursement clause, DTDC will not be held liable for any misconduct made in this liability note, and the parties will continue to be fully responsible for that. In addition, the parties undertake to compensate DTDC for any losses in the event that DTDC is bound by delays brought by inadequate paperwork or incorrect announcements made in this consignment note.

DTDC Courier Risk Payment

If the products do not have sender insurance, the company does this program to protect the customer from travel risks. If the customer chooses to benefit from the payment of the stated risk coverage, the coverage is extended. This should not be construed as insurance coverage as the entity will have a limited amount of debt under the terms and conditions of the additional risk cover.

All Premium Express Products and shipments booked under series D, V, and W are subject to an additional risk charge. However, items and shipments reserved under the “Specified Piece” will be less than the cost that covers the Dangers of Specified Piece as checked.

DTDC Package Volumetric Weight

The shipping value may not be determined by its actual weight, but rather by its volume weight, also called its maximum weight, which indicates the amount of space it occupies during transport.

Calculating the volumetric or dimensional weight of an asset and comparing it with the actual weight of the load is done to determine which is the largest of the two. After that, a larger weight is used to determine the cost of the goods.

About the DTDC Courier

Key steps, extensions, and regular envelope pushing have all been part of the DTDC journey over the years. With so many startups in its name, DTDC worked tirelessly to not only develop as a company but also to establish industry standard.

As its infrastructure is the basis for maintaining operational efficiency, DTDC has been investing heavily in developing it to keep pace with global technological changes in the transportation sector. DTDC makes care of acquiring and using state-of-the-art technology.

In 2010, DTDC Retail Ltd. was established. Under its auspices, DTDC Retail Ltd. has established DTDC New World, which owns a network of stores and aims to make customer life easier by providing a variety of services.

With extensive access to key markets around the world, DTDC enters into strategic partnerships with Europe’s top transport company, “Geopost,” the Express division of La Poste Group.

DotZot, the first pan-Indian e-commerce delivery network, was introduced by DTDC as a specialized online shopping company.

Through our strategic partner, the DPD team, DTDC has introduced its new form of ownership. Along with the new Cobranded ownership, the brand is also renamed DTDC Express Limited (formerly known as DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd.). Following Delhi, DTDC is launching its first automated hub in Hyderabad.


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