Dragon Ball: Is Goku a multiversal warrior?

Dragon Ball Goku
Dragon Ball Goku

From the first “It’s over 9000!” in reference to Goku’s power levels, many Dragon Ball fans wonder how far Goku has come. It’s no surprise that many fans have declared Goku to be arguably one of the strongest characters in all of shonen anime.

The question then becomes, “Is Goku out of god level and into multiverse threat levels?” Fan rankings would suggest so, and there’s plenty of official evidence to support that theory. Considering the sheer number of threats and the power Goku has achieved, it’s not that big of a deal I could suggest.


We break down the power of Goku Dragon Ball

Multiversal definition

Before we begin the dissection of Dragon Ball’s main character, the power scaling levels need to be explained. Basically, it’s not just number crunching as Dragon Ball Z explorers would have you believe. Power scaling levels typically measure canonical powers to determine various factors such as destructive capacity, durability, and speed. All of these different factors determine where one ends up.

A multiverse, according to the Vs Wiki and various other sources, is defined as “characters who can significantly affect, create, and/or destroy larger multiverses that span from 1001 to any higher finite number of separate space-time continua”. In layman’s terms, these characters affect or otherwise destroy multiple universes.

Furthermore, this all assumes that the character can reach these heights. Whether they would do so, or even attempt to gain such power, is another matter entirely. Goku’s goal is to grow stronger by confronting more and more opponents, including Angels and Gods of Destruction.

Goku’s Power: Then and Now

During Goku’s childhood in Dragon Ball, he was already capable of superhuman feats such as surviving explosive attacks and moving at supersonic speeds. From Z, Goku was able to overpower planet destroying enemies like Vegeta. He was the first to unlock the legendary Super Saiyan ability and used it to defeat the galactic tyrant Frieza.

On the Super side, Goku and Beerus’ clash shook the universe with every blow as Goku reached Super Saiyan God. It was directly stated in the story that their strikes shook and possibly destroyed the universe itself. According to various sources, the Dragon Ball universe contains multiple dimensions (Heaven, Hell, Demon Realm, Snake Way, etc.), all of which were affected by this fight.

After the Tournament of Power, Goku reached a whole new level of strength: Ultra Instinct. Goku was able to shake the Null Realm, a void of infinite nothingness, simply by achieving the Ultra Instinct Sign. He also went toe-to-toe with Plague, the planetary parasite that consumed Angel and destroyed him in the manga.

So is Goku multiversal?

It’s clear that Goku has reached multiversal level status since Dragon Ball Super. From the fact that the Ultra Instinct Sign brought him to the same level as Jiren, to Mora having to absorb Meerus to be on the same level as Goku, the Saiyan hero has clearly demonstrated his abilities, which will continue to grow as the series progresses.

One rule of Dragon Ball is that there is always a bigger fish in the sea. Goku has come a long way since sacrificing himself to defeat Raditz in Z or losing to one of Piccolo’s minions in the original Ball. While Goku can fight threats stronger than him, or those with abilities he’s never encountered before, it’s usually only a matter of time before he wins over them.

The bottom line is that Goku now summons angels, gods of destruction, and other beings that can wipe out entire galaxies. It’s clear that this Saiyan isn’t stopping anytime soon. He may not be invincible and has been absolutely outmatched before, but Goku never gives up when a good fight presents itself.


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