Dheere Dheere Se 6th April 2023 Written Update: Gaurav’s ignorance upsets Raghav


In this episode, we see Raghav reassuring Dimple that she shouldn’t feel guilty for considering Abhishek as her boyfriend. He even gives her pepper spray for protection and Abhishek thanks him for helping him out of jail. Raghav later finds out that Bhawana went to the police station looking for Bansi and tells her that he has taken necessary steps. Vidya is upset when Bhawana returns home with Abhishek instead of Raghav.

The next day, Bhawana decides to record the blackmailer’s call but remembers Raghav’s words to not fear anyone anymore. She decides to confront the blackmailer and checks the recording with Jagjeevan, who lies to her about his food habits. She is surprised to see a man in a hoodie and it turns out to be Abhishek, who doesn’t want Malini to know about his injury. Malini arrives and Abhishek saves her from falling. However, she shouts at Bhawana and Abhishek loses his cool, leading to Vidya instigating Malini against Bhawana.

Dimple complains to Raghav about how he forced her to massage him when she entered his room to thank him for his help. Raghav mocks her and shares his suspicions about Gaurav’s behavior with Dimple. Meanwhile, Gaurav tells Swati that he is not going to beg his family members to involve him in everything and is planning to do something that will turn their lives upside down.

Abhishek and Dimple agree to meet for coffee in the evening, while Raghav sends some photos to Aanchal, which she thanks him for. Raghav is then mesmerized by Bhawana who is on her balcony, but Savita notices and shows him the bracelet her mother-in-law gave her. She asks him to give it to his wife but also tells him to let her know if he is lying to someone she is willing to meet as well. Raghav is shocked when Savita covers the bracelet with Bhawan’s scarf and gives it to him before leaving.

Before the chapter, we see Raghav asking Bhawana to do her makeup as a blackmailer, which confuses her. Aanchal later helps her get ready and everyone is shocked when they see her new look in the living room.


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