Dheere Dheere Se 20th March 2023 Written Update: Abhishek apologises to Dimple for Malini’s behaviour


The episode starts with Bhawana asking a man what he wants from her. The man asks Bhawana not to tell anyone about him, especially Raghav, otherwise he threatens to hurt Jagjivan. Bhawana promises not to tell anyone about him. He also agrees to do whatever he says. The man warns Bhawana not to tell anyone as he is watching her all the time. He also says that Jagjivan has returned home. Here in the house, Malini and Bhanu are complaining about Bhawana who has not returned home yet. Jagjivan scolds them for always blaming Bhawana. Malini tells him about Bhawan’s decision to take care of him voluntarily but to no avail.

Abhishek blames them for not taking care of Jagjivan and complaining about Bhawana and says that Bhawana will come home. Bhawana comes there. Both Bhanu and Malini scold her. Bhanu warns Bhawana not to make any mistakes in taking care of Jagjivan. Bhawana promises him that she will not make any mistakes. Later, Dimple smiles as she remembers Abhishek’s stand. She then receives a message from Abhishek apologizing to her for Malini’s behaviour. Dimple also apologizes to Abhishek for not understanding him.

Bhawana goes to Jagjivan and begs him to tell her the secret that is causing his health to deteriorate. Jagjivan refuses to tell Bhawan the truth and asks her to stay away from all this for her betterment. Bhawana refuses to say that the secret is affecting his health, so she pleads with him to tell the truth. Just then, he hears the sound of things falling. Bhanu and Amit also hear and come out to check what is happening. Bhawana finds a note in a stone thrown inside their house. He hides the note from Bhanu and Amit and shows the stone. Bhanu and Amit get upset, ask Jagjivan to rest and then leave. Bhawana gives a note to Jagjivan.

Jagjivan is shocked to see his photo with someone who has his face painted. Bhawana asks Jagjivan who is the person next to him in the photo. He goes on to read a note stating that Jagjivan might have thought the man in the photo with him had died, but he is alive. Jagjivan is shocked and becomes restless. Bhawana asks him to rest. She then receives a call from a blackmailer who tells her that the secret will destroy all of Shastri. He then asks her if she is willing to do whatever he asks of her to save her family. Bhawana agrees to do whatever he says. The man asks her not to do any work in the house for the whole day and then disconnects the line. Bhawana is shocked and worried.

Here Gaurav is frustrated with Aarav’s project. Raghav reaches there and helps Aarav to finish it. Aarav thanks him and leaves. Gaurav decides to leave but Raghav begs him to forget and move on as his distance hurts him. Gaurav tells Raghav that he should have thought of this before taking the Barsati case. Raghav tells Gaurav that he doesn’t regret taking Barsati’s case but feels bad that he didn’t let him know about it. She then apologizes to Gaurav. Gaurav is shocked and then hugs Raghav. Swati gets upset seeing them together.

Brij Mohan and Savita are watching from above and are happy. Brij Mohan says that Bhawana’s attempt to create a misunderstanding between his son’s problems has failed. Savita expresses her desire for Raghav’s second marriage. Brij Mohan approves her idea. Swati provokes Gaurav against Raghav. Gaurav is confused. Meanwhile, Bhawana decides to do as much work as possible. She then decides to cut her hand so that her family members don’t ask her for any work, but before that Aanchal reaches there. Bhawana lies to Aanchal that she is checking the sharpness of the knife. He then asks Aanchal if she has a headache. Aanchal says no, then wishes she lied to her as it might help her sleep through school. Bhawana gets an idea to carry out her plan.

Introduction: Malini taunts Bhawana and asks where she went. Bhawana tells them that she won’t do any housework to shock everyone. Later Vidya sees Bhawana writing something using her hand which is wrapped. He forcibly takes Bhawana downstairs and tells the family members that Bhawana lied to them. Bhawana looks nervous.


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