Dear Ishq 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Rumour Ramola reveals Asmita-Abhimanyu’s relationship


The episode starts with Asmita sending a message to Abhimanyu asking about his health. Then she wonders why he’s so sweet one minute and rude the next. Abhimanyu thinks he wants Asmita to be with him now. Asmita comes to Abhimanyu’s house. She and Abhimanyu receive a notification and both are shocked to see their kissing photo and a tweet about Asmita and Abhimanyu’s relationship. Asmita gets worried. Abhimanyu takes Asmita to his house and asks her to stop worrying. Asmita expresses her concern. Abhimanyu makes a joke which angers Asmita so she hits him. Abhimanyu hugs her and asks her to be calm, he says that they are not that important and also says that they just went on a date. Asmita worries about Maya and her colleagues may think that she must be an opportunist. Abhimanyu stares at her. Asmita tells Abhimanyu that she feels someone is watching them. Abhimanyu kisses Asmita to silence her.

Here, Peter is shocked to read Rumor Ramola’s tweet and also sees Abhimanyu and Asmita’s photo. Maya asks Peter to listen to him, but Peter refuses and yells at her because of Asmita and Abhimanyu’s behavior. Maya calms him down and says that she will talk to Asmita the next day, but before that she asks him to listen to her saying that they have a big problem because her laptop is hacked. Peter says he will ask their IT team to resolve the issue. Maya shows her laptop to Peter and he is shocked to see something on it. Peter is worried and asks when her laptop got hacked. Maya says it was a week ago. Peter yells at her for informing him now and then decides to do something before the information gets out because it could destroy them. Maya urges him to do the same immediately. Asmita is in her house looking sad. Her grandmother is coming to watch a football match. He asks Asmita why she looks sad. Asmita tells her grandmother how her life was smooth a few days ago, but now everything has turned upside down, making her feel helpless. Asmita’s grandmother asks Asmita to stop talking like her, she also advises her to enjoy life and asks her to make mistakes and learn from them. He further compares life to football, then asks Asmita to believe in God and goes to watch a football match.

The next day, Asmita reaches the office but gets nervous. He reassures her and says everything will be fine. She then meets Shalini who mockingly asks her about her date with Abhimanyu. Asmita is shocked. Shalini further questions Asmita’s character, which angers her. Before Asmita could answer, Dev interrupts her and informs Asmita that Maya wants to meet her, he also tells her that Maya is furious. Asmita gets upset and goes to meet Maya. Peter wonders how Maya will handle this situation. Then he stares at something on the other side. Asmita enters Maya’s cabin. Maya yells at her for having a relationship with Abhimanyu and calls it unprofessional and they also can’t risk their reputations because of Asmita’s mistakes. Asmita apologizes to her but assures her that she will take care of both professional and personal matters. Maya says it is also impossible, if more attention is given to this issue, then she has no option but to remove Asmita as Abhimanyu’s editor. Abhimanyu enters the cabin and asks Maya to act like a person who is getting educated. He further tells Maya that Asmita is doing her job right so he is sure that Asmita will manage her personal life as well as her professional life. Maya tells him that he doesn’t understand her point of view, but Abhimanyu tells her that he will prove his point with a kiss. Asmita is shocked while Maya looks confused.


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