Dear Ishq 20th March 2023 Written Update: Shauvik makes a request to Shalini


The episode starts with Asmita getting shocked to see Abhimanya in her house and he greets her. Asmita asks him what he is doing here. Shailaja scolds her for her behavior. Asmita’s grandmother also scolds Asmita and calls Abhimanya a cutie pie. He further says that Asmita is lucky to work with Abhimanyu as a sweet guy. Abhimanyu stares at Asmita while Asmita is shocked. Abhimanyu says he brought some sweet which his fans send and so he decided to share with her family. Shailaja asks Asmit to join them. Asmita obliges. Abhimanyu taunts Asmita saying that she must have so much work and asks her to continue her work. Asmita gets angry and goes to her room where she complains about Abhimanya. He hears Shailaj and her grandmother’s laughter along with Abhimanyu and tries not to smile, then goes and observes Abhimanyu from his window.

Later, Abhimanyu decides to leave. Asmita arrives there but refuses to go with Abhimanyu in his car leaving both her grandmother and Shailaj scolding her. Asmita asks Abhimanyu why he visited her house, he also says he was here to harass her right? Abhimanyu tells her that he came here to check on Shailaja. He then hugs Asmita closer and asks her to go on a date with him the next day saying that he wants her answer from her heart. Asmita is silent. Abhimanyu says he got the answer so he will pick her up next day and then leaves.

Here, Shauvik meets Shalini and tells her that he never wants Asmita to know that he saw her kissing Abhimanyu the other day and expected her to confess to him that she cheated on him, which she does but asks for time as she is confused. Shalini tells Shauvik that he and Asmita are perfect for each other and he shouldn’t have given her space. She also asks him to fight for his love.

Shauvik refuses that he wants to know if a good person like him or someone like Abhimanyu will get his love in real life. He also asks Shalini to keep an eye on both Asmita and Abhimanyu. Shalini agrees and then leaves. The next day, during a meeting with Maya, she questions Asmita that she is lost in her world. Asmita apologizes and then once again thinks about Abhimanyu’s advice to follow her heart and writes yes and no in the paper. Her behavior upsets Maya and she asks if she has found a writer to write the foreword for Abhimanyu’s new book. Asmita says she has shortlisted three authors. Maya advises her to make a quick decision not only in this but in all matters of her life. She also advises Asmita to act like a mature editor. Asmita obliges.

Peter acts and tells the inspector that it is his responsibility and every citizen’s responsibility to cooperate with the interrogation. The inspector says he can question him again if he feels like it. Peter tenses but forces a smile and nods. Maya drags Peter into the cabin. Petr blames her for how she treated him now. Maya warns him not to treat her like that and then tells him that she is well aware of his affair with Arya.

Peter is taken back but denies it. He then confesses that he had an affair with Arya, further asking her how long she has known about it. Maya gives him a mocking smile and then tells him that she noticed Arya’s expensive things she brings to the office as well as his credit card bills. She further adds that she kept her mouth shut for her daughter. Petr asked her to address their daughter as our daughter. Maya taunts him and then asks him to make sure his affair doesn’t come out because their daughter might suffer, which he doesn’t want. He then asks Petra how he hid his affair from the police. Peter is silent. Maya taunts him, saying he’s a coward who doesn’t have the guts to kill a mosquito, so he knows full well that he’s not the one who killed Arya. She also taunts him for cleaning up all the evidence, then warns him and leaves. This is where Asmita gets confused about what dress she should wear for a date. Then Shauvik calls her and watches.


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