Chashni 22nd March 2023 Written Update: Chaman decides to become the new Nanny to the kids


The episode starts with Chaman saying I was talking to myself because I have no one so I have this habit. Chaman says I hope you didn’t mind me getting into your family matters. Sayuri says I understand why you did it, the way you did it might be wrong but your intentions were not. Shaman says thank god. Sayuri says we decided to save you from those goons. Chaman says thank you so much, I want nothing more than this that you decided to save me and not send me anywhere else. Sayuri says we are just helping you because we wish you well, we humans should also take care of each other.

Sayuri goes while Chaman dances and thinks that soon I will own this house and everything, I am so happy. Here Rashmi asks the policeman to call. The police say your husband has already come here, so what more do you want? Rashmi says you saw how he treated me, I want to prove that I am right for my child. The police have a bad feeling about Rashmi so she gives him her phone and tells him to call as he is giving it off the record.

Rashmi calls the number two to three times as the person does not pick up. Rashmi then finally talks to the person and asks for bail as I can’t wait anymore, the person says she needs time. Rashmi says how much more time? The call is interrupted by a person teasing Rashmi. Rashmi gives the phone to the police. Rashmi thinks I must have planned this as I have no other way and I have to get out of jail.

Sayuri and Kanha discuss how to tell Chaman that she has been transferred to the office. Sayuri says it will be best for everyone. Dadi and Saroj are talking about the report when Dadi says you gave kasam but I didn’t so that I can know about DNA report. Saroj says even if you find something it won’t be of any use as you saw what Kanha said about leaving the house. The shaman hears this and thinks well they understood and won’t give me trouble. Chaman says these people bring me drama.

Nakul sees that Chaman is hearing the conversation so he calls her and asks what she is doing? Chaman hides his face and says I was just worried if Saroj was upset with my intervention today, that’s why I was checking them. Nakul says don’t listen to the conversation of people in this house. Chaman says I am sorry, I will not do this again. Chaman sees Sayuri and Kanha so he takes action. Shaman says don’t beat me or curse me please, I didn’t do anything. Nakul is shocked. Saroj and Dadi also come there. Sayuri says no one is doing anything, come with me. Sayuri takes Chaman. Nakul tries to explain himself when Kanha says I know, actually Chaman has gone through some trauma so she feels everyone is attacking her but don’t worry Sayuri will help her.

Sayuri calms Chaman down and tells her how she will live safely in the servants quarters as there are some family things that need to be taken care of first. The shaman starts playing and says please don’t let me go, I want to be under your protection. Sayuri is stubborn in her decision, so Chaman imagines that he would hurt and kill Sayuri for failing her plan. The shaman comes from her imagination. Chaman starts pleading with Sayuri when Kanha arrives and tries to explain to her how it’s for her own good. The shaman cries and does his drama. The shaman then considers using another plan. Shaman says let me stay here as a servant then I won’t be a burden. Sayuri says you are not a burden. Kanha says we have many servants already. Suddenly he hears a staff member saying that these children used to be cared for there by nannies. The shaman offers to take care of the children because he loves children. Sayuri says we have 3 very young children so they can’t risk it. Chaman says try me for few days and see please.

The episode ends.

Precap – Sayuri comes to meet Rashmi in jail. Rashmi says someone is after you as that person directed me and now he will be after you, be careful. Rashmi decides to become a real villain and do something with Sayuri soon.


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