Brahmamudi 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Swapna regrets her decision


The episode starts with Rahul asking Rekha where their mom is. Rekha says mom is shy to come out. Rahul says I will teach them a lesson, so ask mom to go out. Rekha agrees and goes to call mom. She sees the waiter (Swapna) and asks her if she has seen her before. Swapna diverts her and leaves. Kanakam is happy to see Kavya with Raj. Meenakshi consoles her.

Indradevi tells her family members that it is good that Swapna ran away as Kavya has more patience unlike Swapna. Swapna sees Kavya on stage and gets jealous of Kavya’s happiness. Meenakshi takes 2 glasses of juice without seeing Swapna’s face. Rahul signs the Reporter. The reporter asks Raj if he is acting happy to be with Kavya. Kavya asks Raj not to forget that he is talking to the media. Raj says that their family does not show any discrimination against Kavya and announces Kavya as his wife. Kavya mocks him. Swapna is shocked. Aparna says Raj has shut up media people with his words. Seetharamaya says Raj has this ability, that’s why I made his head.

Raj and Kavya argue silently with each other. The photographer asks them to pose. Raj strikes a pose holding Kavya. Swapna regrets leaving Raj for Rahul. He is looking for Rahul. Meenakshi tells Kanakam that they have to leave before someone catches them. Kanakam agrees and they are about to leave. The manager stops them and says their performance is next.

Rekha asks Rudrani to attend the reception. Rudrani says it is a fake show and this family didn’t give me freedom to choose my husband so I married Raj to Kavya and this Kavya will teach a lesson to Duggirala family and Raj will get depressed then I will make Rahul as boss and that is my aim so I don’t want to attend the reception.

Kavya tells Raj that it would be good if he spoke to her with respect, if not, their reputation would go down. Raj asks Kavya if she is blackmailing him. Kavya says she doesn’t know anything like that and says she just wants respect. Raj tells Kavya that he can’t do that. Raj asks the reporters if they got answers to their questions.

One of the staff asks Kanakam to get ready to perform on stage. Kanakam tells his sister that he doesn’t know what to do on stage. Her sister encourages Kanakama to do something. Children surround Kanakam and play with her.

Kavya feels suspicious of the prankster. Kalyan comes and tells Kavya that she need not be suspicious and says that it is her mother Kanakam. Kalyan says Kanakam wanted to see her at the reception so he stopped the real prankster from coming here and made her come like this. Kavya reminds Kalayan if anyone recognizes Kanakam, it will be a problem. Kalyan reminds that even she couldn’t identify Kanakam until he told her. So she asks Kavya not to worry.

The episode ends

Precap – Kanakam will perform on stage. Kavya sees that Kanakam has fallen on the stage and worries about her. After the performance, Kavya goes on stage and hugs the joker. Raj and Aparna are suspicious.


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