Brahmamudi 22nd March 2023 Written Update: Swapna disguises herself as a Waiter


The episode starts with Kalyan revealing to Kanakam that he knows who they are and saying that he was the one who stopped the real prankster from coming to the party after Meenakshi called him. He asks them not to get caught. Kanakam thanks him. Kalyan asks them to leave when he sees Kavya. Reporters broadcast the news. Raj comes to the place with his family members. The reporters ask Raj where Kavya is. Rahul says bride will come later as ladies need more time to prepare so wait aside.

Indradevi comes there. Aparna asks her if Kavya will come or not. Indradevi says she will come. Kanakam greets Aparnu from afar. Meenakshi alerts Kanakam. Aparna comes to Kanakam’s side. Kanakam and Meenakshi think Aparna will catch them but Aparna comes to receive the guest. He leaves and takes them. Swapna comes to the reception disguised as a waiter and decides to find out why Rahul is avoiding her. Kanakam collides with Swapna but they haven’t seen each other.

Kanakam and Meenakshi hide behind a tree and wait for Kavya. Rahul signs the reporter. The reporter asks Raj if they imprisoned his wife and caused her problems because she is poor. Raj warns the reporter to leave it. He scolds them. Kalyan controls Raj. Rahul asks media people to wait for some time.

Everyone is waiting for Kavya. Rekha comes out and tells Raj and others that Kavya is not in her room. Raj asks what he is saying. Rekha says she is nowhere. Subhash asks if she ran away like Swapna. Raj says that this family entered his life to destroy his reputation. Indradevi says Kavya is honest unlike her sister and mother. The reporter asks if the bride will come to the reception or not. Rahul sees Kavya coming and is shocked. He says he is coming. Everyone feels relieved. Kanakam and Meenakshi see Kavya making a grand entrance to the reception. Kanakam feels emotional and tells Meenakshi that she did wrong for Kavya but God did good for Kavya. Kanakam wants to meet his daughter. Meenakshi stops her.

Indradevi says to everyone I told you right, Kavya will not go anywhere. She asks Aparna to see how her daughter-in-law has prepared herself beautifully. Kavya comes there. He accepts the blessings of Seetharamaya and his wife. She stands next to Raj and asks if he thought she wouldn’t come. Raj says he thought she ran away. Kavya says I am unlike you and I came for your family’s respect. Raj says their family respect is always high and they don’t need it. Kavya says she will leave. Raj stops her and mocks the media people. Kavya asks him to be polite to media people. A media photographer asks them to pose. Raj and Kavya strike poses for photographs.


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