Brahmamudi 21st March 2023 Written Update: Kanakam disguises herself as a joker


The episode starts with Indradevi asking Kavya not to feel Raj’s behavior towards you. He says Raj is wearing a fake mask of anger and will remove it very soon. He says that he has their support in the house and asks Kavya to get ready and tells her how Raj was doing the rituals unintentionally. Indradevi says you are a fated couple, that’s why god brought you together and very soon god will erase the differences between you. Kavya says her words are comforting and agrees to prepare for them.

Rekha meets Rahul and informs him about Rudrani’s insult. Rahul says that Duggirala and Kavya’s families are enemies to them and they have decided to take revenge on them for insulting their mother. As Raj gets ready, he thinks about how Kavya exposed Rudrani. Rahul comes there and asks if he feels bad for not attending his wedding. Raj says I wish I was not married. Rahul says he feels bad about his situation. Raj says he made a mistake in trusting Swapna. Rahul says he feels guilty for confronting him after knowing that his mother is responsible for his marriage. Raj thinks that he will never reveal his mother’s biological truth to Rahul. Rahul says he will leave the house and take his mother and sister. Raj says they are family and always live together. Rahul thinks his reverse idea will always work.

Kanakam prepares to receive Kavya and Raj. Family members advise her not to be offended again. Kanakam says he is worried thinking how is Kavya, so I want to go there. Krishnamurthy asks her not to go there and let Kavya live her life.

Guests started arriving at the reception. Subhash receives guests. Meenakshi comes to the wedding reception disguised in western wear. Manger invites Meenakshi thinking she is a guest. Thinking that the manager might have suspected her, Meenakshi asks the manager if the bride and groom have come. The manager tells Meenakshi that they will come and asks Meenakshi to go inside. Meenakshi agrees.

Reporters report on the wedding reception in the media. Meenakshi looks around Kanakam. Kanakam comes to the wedding party disguised as a prankster. Kanakam and Meenakshi speak in code word as they could not identify each other. Meenakshi and Kanakam greet each other. The kids take Kanakam away as she dresses up as a joker. The manager tries to flirt with Meenakshi. Meenakshi asks the manager to stay away from her.

Swapna thinks that she has to find out what is going on at the wedding party, so she decides to go to the wedding party. Kanakam and Meenakshi think no one can identify them. Kanakam sees Kalayan coming towards her and thinks he has identified her.

The episode ends

Pre-Chapter – Kanakam and Meenakshi see Kavya as she enters. Kanakam thinks that at least God has done good by Kavya. Kanakam greets Aparnu from afar. Aparna comes to Kanakam. Kanakam and Meenakshi think Aparna will catch them.


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