Brahmamudi 20th March 2023 Written Update: Rudrani plans to avenge Aparna


The episode starts with Kanakam leaving Duggirala’s house. Kavya goes to her room. Dhanya Lakshmi thinks Kavya has good patience and courage. Rudrani thinks of running away and is about to leave but Aparna stops her. He asks Pinky, Kalyan and Rekha to leave. They are leaving. Raj is about to leave. Aparna stops him and says he has to be there as he is married. Rekha hides next to the staircase and sees everything. Aparna asks Rudrani why did she do this? Rudrani says she did this to save the reputation of this family. Aparna slaps Rudrani. Everyone is shocked.

On the other hand, Seetharamaya is worried about his wife. Kittamma asks him not to worry and says Kavya will take care. Kanakam returns home. Seetharamaya and Appu ask her what happened at Duggirala’s house. Kanakam lies but Aparna and Seetharamaya catch her lying and ask her to tell them what is going on. Kanakam says he is not lying and goes inside. Aparna says something must have happened. Seetharamaya says they need to know about it.

Aparna tells Rudrani, “We treated you like a family member, but you have shown your genuineness”. Raj asks what is happening. Aparna says its a secret between elders and you are a grown up so I will tell you. He asks Rudrani who she is and who her parents are and what her roots are. He asks if she has forgotten what reality is. Aparna tells Raj that Rudrani is in this house only because of Seetharamayya’s kindness, if not she would not be here as she is not of our blood. He says Rudrani’s father is the manager of our company and during his death he asked your grandfather to take care of his daughter, so your grandfather treated her like a daughter. He says till now we didn’t reveal anything even to our children and were paying respect to you, but you betrayed us. Rudrani says enough, I was brought up as daughter of this house, so I let Kavya sit as bride to save our reputation. She says my dad has sacrificed so much for this family and these insults are what I am getting in return. Indradevi says your dad is honest in work but he is limited to work, don’t forget how we helped you. Dhanya Lakshmi says it already happened so leave it and let’s think about tonight’s feast as we mentioned in the wedding announcements. Aparna says there will be no acceptance. Indradevi says acceptance will happen so make arrangements. Everyone leaves. Rudrani plans to take revenge on Aparna for insulting her.

In the room, Kavya is in tears thinking about her mother’s insult. Indradevi comes there with saree and jewelry. He asks Kavya not to feel bad and asks her to get ready for the reception. Kavya says she doesn’t like to prepare. Indradevi says its not good to show our problems to guests so get ready. Kavya says she is not from their position. Raj comes there and tells Indradevi that he will talk to Kavya and make her agree and asks Indradevi to leave. Indradevi asks them not to fight and leaves. Raj asks Kavya to get ready for the reception. Kavya asks Raj if he has accepted her as his wife. Raj says no. Kavya says she also feels the same. Kavya says she won’t get ready for the reception. Raj asks Kavya to do whatever she wants and throws the necklace in the air. The necklace falls on Kavya’s neck.

Swapna calls Duggirala’s office reception and asks the receptionist to call Raj, but after talking to the receptionist, Swapna understands that Rahul will not come to the office in 3 days. Swapna decides to find out why Rahul was hiding these things from her? Indra Devi asks Kavya if she is upset with Raj’s behavior and comments on both of them.

The episode ends

Precap – At the wedding reception, the reporters ask Raj why he came alone and ask Raj whether Kavya will come or not?


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