Brahmamudi 17th March 2023 Written Update: Raj insults Kanakam


The episode starts with Kanakam telling her husband that she cannot live in peace until she sees Kavya. Krishnamurthy asks her to give him her word that she will not feel bad even if Duggirala family tells her something. Kanakam says I am their culprit so I will not feel bad. Appu goes to bring the car for Kanakam to go to Duggirala’s house.

Kavya says it is not good if the tambulam board falls on the floor, that is why I am holding it. He places it near the photo of the goddess and says that God will take care of her responsibility. Raj says you can talk intelligently and maybe you learned it from your mother. Kavya asks where he learned his arrogance. Raj asks if she meant he learned arrogance from his mother. Kavya says mom is god for everyone and it is good to realize that others will get angry like you when you hear words against their mother. Raj gets furious.

That’s when Kanakam visits the Duggirala family. He calls Kavya’s name. Kavya goes to greet Kanakam. Raj stops Kavya and asks Kanakam what is he doing here? Kanakam says she came here for her daughter. Raj reminds Kanakam that her relations with her daughter were severed yesterday. Aparna says they don’t want to spoil the atmosphere of their house by letting her in their house. Kanakam says he will leave after giving clothes to Kavya. Raj says we are giving gifts, so we are giving clothes to your daughter. Kanakam says they can tell her anything as she is their culprit. She says she came here to tell them that Kavya is innocent and not at fault. Aparna says we don’t care even if you are poor but we hate the way you fooled us. He says he will never forgive his sins. Indradevi stops Aparna. She tells Kanakama that they can agree to the wedding even though she told them about their financial situation before, but the way she lied to them is wrong. Aparna asks Kanakam to leave. Rudrani says no one in this house will accept your daughter as daughter in law and she has to take punishment. Kanakam says it’s not her daughter’s fault and asks them to slap her if they want.

Raj says they ruined his life by making Kavya sit in the mandap. Kanakam says Kavya is not sitting in the mandap and we made Kavya sit till Swapna comes back. Rudrani thinks that Kanakam can expose her to save themselves. He asks Kanakamo to leave. Kanakam holds Aparna’s legs and asks them to accept her daughter who is so good. Kavya stops Kanakam. He says he doesn’t have to beg anyone. He says the girl’s mother doesn’t need to face insults from anyone. Raj says you are covering your mom’s mistake and what about your mistake. Kavya says I did not blackmail you to marry me and I exposed my face before marriage. Raj says you made your relatives create a scene and because of their power I married you to save our reputation. Kavya says you also made a mistake like my mom. He says you can recognize what real diamond is and you liked Swapna for her beauty and want to marry her quickly so it is also your fault like my mom. Raj says he didn’t fall for Swapna’s beauty and says he is impressed with Swapna’s thoughts and your mom is the culprit and if we leave you like this you can create regular dramas at my house so I will call police and get Kanakam arrested. Indradevi, Kalyan and Dhanya Lakshmi tried to stop him but he did not listen. Kavya says to call the police here and they will find the real culprit.


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