BhagyaLakshmi 27th March 2023 Written Update: Karishma spoils Lakshmi’s Halwa


The episode starts with Shalu feeling elated and thinking that Lakshmi will win the competition as everyone knows that Lakshmi is a better cook than Malishka. Shalu then asks Ayush if they will still go ahead with their plan. Ayush says yes and doesn’t want to take any risk as it is related to Rishi’s life. Ayush and Shalu chat for a while and end their conversation.

Malishka comes and asks Rishi how he could praise Lakshmi in front of her. Malishka reminds Rishi that she will become his wife. Malishka asks Rishi to stop praising Lakshmi in front of her. Rishi reminds Lakshmi that he also praises her when she has done something good. Commenting on Rishi, Malishka says she wants everyone to realize that she is the best. Malishka asks Rishi who will he support in the competition. Rishi says that it doesn’t matter who he supports and says that only the best among them will win. Malishka comments to Rishi and leaves from there.

Malishka sees Lakshmi and goes to Lakshmi and mocks her. Malishka speaks ill of Lakshmi. Lakshmi gives a befitting reply to Malishka. Malishka asks Lakshmi not to be smart with her. Lakshmi says she will win this competition if she decides to win it. Commenting on this, Malishka says that she will win this competition and show Lakshmi her true place. Lakshmi advises Malishka not only to fight for herself but for her entire family. Lakshmi leaves from there.

Malishka enters the room and breaks the lamp in anger. Malishka thinks that Lakshmi is right that she will decide her fate tomorrow. Malishka thinks she will win this competition and throws Lakshmi out of the Oberoi house.

The next day, Lakshmi and Malishka are shown preparing Halwa for the Pooja. Rishi says all the best to both of them. Karishma comes and wishes Malishka all the best and leaves from there.

Malishka and Lakshmi are shown doing Pooja. Malishka thinks today Lakshmi’s color will leave her face with what will happen next.

Neha asks Shalu and Bani how she looks. Shalu and Bani tell Neha that she looks fine. Rano brings sweets to take to the Oberoi house. Rano leaves for the Oberoi house along with sisters Neha and Lakshmi.

Malishka asks Lakshmi why she is looking at her Halwa like that and asks Lakshmi if she is scared. Lakshmi is silent. Malishka says Neelam taught her how to make Halwa and says she makes it according to her recipe.

Sonia and Karishma think they have to do something to prevent Malishka from losing this competition. Sonia also agrees and comments on Malishka’s behavior.

Dadi invites Pandit to the house to perform Pooja. Pandit tells Oberoi’s what to do in Pooja. Virendra and Neelam do Pooja as per Pandit’s instructions.

Lakshmi stops Malishka from tasting the Halwa she has made and says it is not right to taste the food before offering it to God. Malishka says Ok. Malishka tells Lakshmi that she doesn’t have to taste the food and says she knows it will be better than her. Lakshmi comments on Malishka. Mukesh comes and tells Lakshmi and Malishka that his name is Neelam. Lakshmi leaves from there. Malishka looks at Lakshmi’s Halwa and gets encouraged that she will win. Malishka also leaves from there. Lakshmi and Malishka join Pooja.

Karishma comes to the kitchen and spoils Lakshmi’s Halwa by mixing salt in it. Karishma thinks that Malishka should win this competition no matter what and leaves from there. Shalu and Bani come to the Oberoi mansion.


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