BhagyaLakshmi 26th March 2023 Written Update: Malishka challenges Lakshmi


The episode starts with Rano asking Shala and Bani to bring a towel as Neha and Rano are revealed to be coming to the house with colors on their faces. Shalu gives the towel to Rana. Neha hopes that no one will apply paint on her face tomorrow. Rano asks Neha to wash her face first. Shalu and Bani talk about whether Ayush’s plan will work or not. Shalu asks Bani not to worry and says Ayush’s plan will definitely work and Malishka will reveal herself tomorrow.

Sonia compliments Malishka and says she looks very sexy. Malishka says it is because of the saree Rishi gifted her. Ahana praises Rishi’s taste. Sonia comments on Lakshmi. Rishi stops Sonia and says whatever happens, he will not bear someone insulting Lakshmi like this. Karishma stops their argument. Neelam comes and asks everyone to join them for tiffin. Neelam, while sitting at the table, the house locker keys fall on the table.

Neelam thinks that she should give the responsibility of this house to Malishka, just as Dadi gave this responsibility to Neelam when she came to this house as a daughter-in-law. Dadi asks Neelam why she didn’t transfer this responsibility to Lakshmi when she came to this house as a daughter-in-law. Neelam comments on Lakshmi. Dadi says no one can be better than Lakshmi to be this house daughter-in-law. Malishka disagrees and says they should have a competition between Malishka and Lakshmi to see who is the best.

Ayush and Ahana agree with Malishka. But Lakshmi says there is no need as Lakshmi is not the daughter-in-law of this house. Neelam also agrees with Lakshmi that there will be no competition between them. But Malishka convinces Neelam to have a competition. Neelam agrees. Rishi asks Malishka not to do the competition. Malishka asks Rishi if he thinks he will lose. Rishi says yes.

Sonal comes to her room and thinks it took a lot of time to find it. Sonal thinks that if everything goes according to Malishka’s plan, Lakshmi will be gone forever from the Oberoi mansion.

Hearing this, Malishka decides to compete even more. Ayush decides the task and says that they both have to make Prashad for Pooja tomorrow. Ayush asks Malishka if she will accept this task. Sonia protests this. Malishka still accepts the task and says she will do it. Malishka says if she wins the competition then no one will side with Lakshmi from now on and says she will prove once and for all that she is better than Lakshmi. Malishka asks Lakshmi if she accepts the task. Lakshmi says everything is happening as per her wishes. Malishka comments on Lakshmi’s behavior. Ayush asks Malishka what will she do if she loses? Malishka says she will do whatever he tells her. Karishma advises Malishka not to do this. But Malishka still accepts the challenge. Ayush thinks that Lakshmi will definitely win the competition. Ayush tells Lakshmi to use this chance well.

Ayush calls Shala. Bani sees Ayush calling Shala. Bani teases Shala and does not give her the phone. Shalu calls back as Bani did not allow her to attend Ayush’s call earlier. Ayush thinks he should put Holi color on Shalu’s face tomorrow. Ayush tells Shalu and Bani what happened today after attending Shalu’s call.

Dadi comes and praises Lakshmi’s decoration. Dadi tells Lakshmi that she has to win tomorrow’s competition and says if Malishka does Prashad tomorrow she will win but if you do it will be for God and asks Lakshmi to think about it.


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