Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi
Bhagya Lakshmi

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Neha is watching the news. Lakshmi tells the judge that Rishi is lying and says that the quality of the food items is very good. She asks Virender to say. Virender tells the judge that he wants to say something. Rishi signs it. Ayush understands and asks Virender to sit down. Rishi Says I Am Saying Truth. Neelam asks why Rishi is doing this? Rishi says Lakshmi is innocent, this is my property and hotel and I take responsibility for whatever happened and will be punished. Mr. Basu asks Rishi what are you saying? I will save Lakshmi. He asks why are you taking the blame. Rishi says Lakshmi trusts him and he won’t let her trust be broken. Mr. Amod says this when Rishi agreed to the crime. Lakshmi says Rishi Is Lyingb to save me and says its not Rishi’s Mistake and asks judge to file a case against her. Rishi Says I Am Saying Truth. Lakshmi goes to him and asks if he has gone mad and says truth will always prevail and says she did nothing and will be proven innocent. Rishi asks her to be quiet. She says I will not be quiet and asks why are you lying. Rishi thinks how to convince her. He goes to Lakshmi and says you will not say anything. He goes to her and asks her to say one thing, she asks if you are my wife or not. Lakshmi remembers her wedding with him. Rishi asks did you go through with me. Lakshmi says yes. Rishi says you promised me before the fire that you will always support me and says you will support me and do whatever I say and if you don’t agree then these promises and wheels will become fake and asks her to do, what He says to do. The judge asks Lakshmi to go to the witness box. Main plays of Phir Bhi Tumko Chahungi….

Rishi asks her to go… He comes to the witness box and asks the judge to believe him and says he is ready to bear the punishment. The judge asks both lawyers if they want to do anything. Lawyers say no. Judge says so many things happened today, we saw terrorist attack, all your bravery and love of husband and wife. He says I saw Rishi and Lakshmi’s love for each other, who can die for each other. He says he feels the case is unsolved and so much needs to be known. He says that if Rishi took the blame on himself to Safe Lakshmi, or the other is trying to save him. He says Rishi accepted the crime and will be punished. He says the verdict will be delivered at the next hearing and until then he will be in police custody. He says that Lakshmi is innocent in the eyes of the law and is freed. Rishi smiles. Lakshmi is crying. The judge adjourned for the day. Ayush feels proud of Rishi.

Lakshmi comes to Rishi holding his collar and asks what have you done? Rishi says I am not punished yet. He says everyone is watching. Lakshmi says she was just holding his collar. Rishi asks if she will slap him when she is alone. He says you gave your life for me, almost and says I will be freed soon. Lakshmi says if anything happens I will slap you. They have a hug. Neelam asks Lakshmi to stay away from her son and scolds Rishi. Malishka tells Rishi that she saved him and risked her life for him and he sacrificed himself for Lakshmi. He says I hate you and goes. Shalu A Bani Hug Rishi. Dadi feels proud of Rishi. Virender says they will bear loss in business because of Rishi’s statement but it’s okay as he didn’t see Lakshmi going to jail. Ayush hugs Rishi and says you fulfilled your promise. Rishi thinks he has fulfilled his promise but feels empty as he has to be away from her. He holds Lakshmi’s hand and then wipes her tears. Lakshmi cries when Rishi is captured by the police.

Rishi is taken in a police jeep. Lakshmi runs after the jeep and asks the police not to take it. Rishi asks her not to run and says you will fall and get hurt. Lakshmi falls and cries. Rishi shouts Lakshmi. Neelam says my son has left, I want to go home. Lakshmi is crying. Ayush, Ahana, Dadi and others comfort Lakshmi. Neelam says she wants to go home.

The reporter says Rishi took the blame and confessed to the crime. She said the judge acquitted Lakshmi of all charges and asked the police to take Rishi into custody. Neha calls Rana and says Rishi is arrested for Lakshmi case. Rano says why did he do this, even Lakshmi did nothing and says it was done… Neha asks if she knows who did it? Rano says Lakshmi can’t kill anyone, police will find out. Neha Says Rishi Loves Lakshmi So Mu and Says He Slipped From My Hand. Rano thinks she knows the real criminal but does not help Lakshmi. She thinks that if Balwinder will be arrested.

Malishka Comes To Lakshmi And Wipes Her Tears. He says you are crying, I will cry as I love him, she feels pain and is hurt. She asks the guy where he gets the sweets. He says my boy is free from terrorists. Malishka takes the sweets and feeds them in Lakshmi’s mouth and says you have succeeded in your mission and asks her not to act in front of her. She says you are playing to cry and doing drama that Rishi went to jail. He says Nicely Done, Great Job and asks how did you do it and says what did you say to Rishi that he took your crime on his head. Ahana says Rishi Bhai himself did it. Malishka says he did this when he saw Lakshmi’s Tears and asks if he is your love, trap, smart etc. He says he went to jail because of you. Lakshmi asks are you done and says Rishi knows who I am and how is my love? He says I don’t need anyone to understand.


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