Bhagya Lakshmi 20th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi
Bhagya Lakshmi

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Malishka comes to the courtroom and sees Rishi Fine. She thinks that when they killed Rishi. She comes in and asks where is Rishi? Abhay asks why did you come here? Malishka starts blaming Lakshmi and says Rishi’s life is in danger today because of you, today all family members are in danger. She sees Rishi standing on the icy sill while a rope is tied around his neck. Malishka Goes To Lakshmi And Say You Used To Act To Be Great And asks where is your love for them. She asks her to tell the terrorist to kill her and leave the family. Lakshmi Says Said 50000 Times And Pleads Infront Of Mohnish To Kill Her And Leave Everyone. Balram says that sometimes Rishi gets cold. Mohnish says 1 hero and 2 heroines, call police. ACP says we will kill terrorists as soon as we get permission. Inspector says we will kill them even if we don’t get permission. Mohnish talks to ACP and says that Rishi is hanging between life and death and he is hiding his life. He says fulfill my demands quickly Else I will start killing people and start with Rishi first. ACP asks him to wait till his demand is fulfilled and asks him not to harm anyone. Mohnish says that if his demand is not met, he will send 1 dead body every 10 minutes. He calls his superior and says that Mohnish has gone mad and will do anything. SSP asks him to talk to Mohnish that he is thinking about his request. ACP says I have already spoken. He says they have no choice but to comply with his demands and leave the other terrorists. SSP says that if they leave the jailed terrorists then they will take revenge and plan blast in many places. ACP tells him about terrorists hanging Rishi and says if they kill people after that? SSP says he will talk to Home Minister. The reporter hears and asks the cameraman to open the camera. He says breaking news, we are out of court, and Mohnish has kept Oberoi family captive, and says if his demand is not met, he said he will hang Rishi Oberoi and others. ACP and the inspector ask the reporter to leave. Devika hears and tells Rishi Bhai nothing will happen. She is crying.

Mohnish asks the judge to strike with the hammer and then says I will give the verdict and dump all your dead bodies one by one. Lakshmi sees the melting of the ice on which Rishi is standing. Devika hopes that Dadi’s prayers will be answered by God, otherwise there will be destruction. Rishi smiles as he is about to hang himself. Lakshmi says you are smiling. Rishi says Yes, get good ideas. Mohnish says you still think you can get away from here. He asks the Oberoi family to see him smile for the last time. Karishma asks Virender to talk to the commissioner so that Rishi can save himself. Mohnish asks if commissioner is your friend and says let’s see what he will do? He says even if my three friends are freed, then I will definitely kill Rishi too, I will not let my terror end and kill him. Malishka Throws File At Mohnish. Mohnish asks who did this? Ayush thinks Malishka is crazy to provoke him. He thinks he will die and take everyone’s lives. Mohnish comes to Malishka to shoot her, but Lakshmi comes in front of him and says that Malishka threw it in anger. Mohnish says she (malishka) is trying to woo your husband and you are saving your sautan. Lakshmi says nothing is bigger than anyone’s life. Ayush asks the judge to see that Lakshmi cannot see her enemy die and you think she will mix poison in people’s food.

She asks what proof do you want for her innocence, please clear her of all charges. The judge looks on. Shalu asks why are you saying this? She asks if you think we will all be free from here and then Dio’s case will begin and she will be freed from the charges. He says No, Jiju, Di and we all cannot be saved. Is Ayush really asking? He asks the judge to now himself announce that Lakshmi is innocent so that after their death no one can say that the Oberoi Bahu family was a criminal. He says Mohnish Bhai, I need a favor from you, just 1 minute. He says Just Judge Saheb Calls Lakshmi Bhabhi Innocent, We Can Be Peaceful. It only says 1 minute. Mohnish says You want to tell a story, to narrate. Ayush says he wants the judge to say that Lakshmi is innocent. Mohnish says I am judge here and says Lakshmi is innocent. Ayush says my words are useless. Mohnish says I will decide about you today and asks his men to start preparing to light the fire. Malishka Says Sorry And Asks Him Not To Light The Fire. His men bring a bundle of newspapers. Malishka says no. Mohnish calls Malishka as Chota pack and says you are already burning seeing their love, how I will burn you, who is already burning. He says he will give his verdict today. They run a newspaper near the ice threshold. Mohnish Lights The Lighter. Lakshmi asks him not to light the fire as the ice is melting fast. Mohnish says that’s why he lights a fire so the ice melts faster. He says Don’t think the fire will beat the ice water, No. He says fire and water don’t match and like Rishi and this girl says he is fire and she is water. He says that very soon the ice will move away from Rishi’s feet and his life will end. He says he cannot be freed but his soul will be. Ayush says no and asks Malishka why he provoked Mohnish. Ahana and Shalu also blame Malishka. Karishma asks what is your problem, why are you cursing Malishka and says we are in this situation because of Lakshmi. Neelam says if we didn’t come here then we wouldn’t be trapped. He blames Lakshmi. Kiran Says Malishka Loves Rishi So Did. Sonia says Lakshmi is the main culprit. Neelam Says Lakshmi Is Inauspicious And We All Are Trapped Due To Her. Virender asks What Are You Saying Neelam? Mohnish says Stop the family drama and watch the real drama now. Ignite the Lighter.

Dadi holds Ganapati near the tree. Mantras are played. Mohnish lights a fire around Rishi and waits for the ice to melt. Lakshmi pleads Mohnish to light the fire and kill her instead. The terrorist throws a photo where Rishi is standing with a rope around his neck. Dadi gets shocked, screams and cries. ACP reads Mohnish’s letter that he doesn’t have much time. Ayush Pushes Balram And He Is About To Go To Rishi. Lakshmi comes there, pushes the terrorists and steps inside the circle of fire. He pushes against the table and the icy windowsill and holds Rishi’s legs on his shoulder. Rishi asks Lakshmi to go and says you can’t hold me, you know my weight, if you gained weight and had muscles you would hold me. He asks her to go. Lakshmi says you went to gym, why didn’t you lose weight, it might be useful now. Rishi says you are arguing in this situation and asks her to go. Lakshmi says when you are in danger, I can’t see anything. Rishi says Care For Your Life, Let Me Die. Lakshmi shouts at Rishi and says If You Are Alive Then I Am Alive. Everyone is watching.

Introduction: ACP informs Mohnish that all his three friends are freed. He tells the inspector that the terrorists will know the answer to terrorism is to end it. Many police forces are coming


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