Bhagya Lakshmi 19th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi
Bhagya Lakshmi

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Malishka is looking for Rishi. She goes before the terrorists. He blames Lakshmi for risking Rishi’s life. She turns to see Rishi standing on the ice slab. She Screams And Runs To Him. The family cries for Rishi. Malishka asks Rishi not to worry, she will save him. She scolds him for coming to save Lakshmi. She asks Lakshmi to show her love now, asks those goons to kill her and leave everyone else. Lakshmi says she said this many times, she pleaded with them. She asks Monish to just spare Rishi and the family. Monish likes the hero and two heroine scene. He asks Goon to call ACP. Monish contacts them. He says that Rishi Oberoi is hanging between life and death, his life is melting with time.

He asks the ACP to comply with his demands or he will kill people. He threatens to kill one person every 5 minutes. The ACP calls on the Commissioner to report the crazy game being played by Monish. Commissioner says he is considering Monish’s demands but he can’t spare the terrorists, they will find some middle ground. ACP says Monish is going to hang Rishi. The reporter hears about Rishi. The Commissioner asks the ACP to buy some time by engaging Monish in a speech. A reporter spreads the news. Devika recognizes this and cries for Rishi. Monish tells the hostages that he will kill them all. Lakshmi is worried about Rishi.

Devika prays for Rishi’s safety. He says the whole family will break if anything happens to Rishi. Rishi smiles, Lakshmi surprisingly. He says it’s the best way to deal with a difficult situation, so he smiles to release his tension. Monish gets angry with Rishi. He says he will kill Rishi whose smiling face we won’t see again. He finds out that Virender knows the police commissioner. He asks Virender to speak to the commissioner and ask him to fulfill their demands. He adds that he will not spare Rishi at any cost. Malishka angrily hits him. Monish says he will not leave her.

Lakshmi protects Malishka. He asks her why she wants to save Sautan. Lakshmi says nothing is more important than someone’s life. Ayush tells the judge that Lakshmi is innocent, she can never add poison to food, she protects even her family. Shalu asks Ayush if there is any hope for everyone to be saved. He cries that he will not save himself from the terrorists. Ayush requests the judge to declare Lakshmi Innocent at least now so that they die in peace. She asks Monish to spare them a minute, the judge should deliver the verdict in Lakshmi’s case. Monish shouts that he is the judge and he will decide. He says announcing Lakshmi Innocent. He asks his henchmen to get ready to light the fire.

Malishka asks Monish not to harm anyone. She apologizes to him. Ayush also apologizes to Monish, he thinks that Monish will burn Malishka alive. He jokes that he won’t burn Malishka, who is already burning with jealousy seeing Rishi and Lakshmi’s love. He Ignites The Fire To Speedy Melt The Ice And Trouble Rishi More. Lakshmi cries for Rishi. Monish says Rishi will be hanged to death, his life will end in front of them. Ayush, Ahana and Shalu scold Malishka for hitting Monish and making him more angry. Karishma asks them to blame Lakshmi not Malishka. Neelam also feels that they are trapped because of Lakshmi. She calls Lakshmi Unlucky For The Family.

Monish asks them to stop the family drama. Dadi and Devika pray for Rishi. Monish lights a fire around Rishi. Lakshmi begs him to let Rishi free. Dadi gets Rishi’s picture and shouts. ACP reads Monish’s threatening message to the police. Ayush tries to put out the fire and save Rishi. Lakshmi moves the ice slab and stands under Rishi, holding his feet. She supports Him. She says she knows his weight, that it won’t last long. He asks her to leave. He says he can’t see anything else when he’s in trouble. He asks her to let him die. He says he is alive only if he is alive. She proves her true love for the rishi again.


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