Best 2-ton split ACs in India: Ideal option for large rooms

Best 2-ton split ACs
Best 2-ton split ACs

Air conditioners are no longer a luxury. They are now needed in view of rising temperatures and rising humidity in all cities. You can buy an AC that separates 2 tons and keep your house cool. If you have large rooms, an AC split of 2 tons will meet all your needs and help you reach a comfortable temperature that will make you feel comfortable.

People prefer to buy split ACs as they add to the beauty of the house. Also, you do not need to make major changes to your home’s infrastructure when you get an AC split of 2 tons installed in your home. Let’s take a look at some of the best options that will help you choose the best 2 ton AC split for your home.


The best 2-Ton Split ACs out there

There are several ACs separated by 2 tons in the market. It would be better if you understood what each AC offers so you can make an informed purchase decision:

LG Dual Inverter Split AC, PS-Q24HNXE

The Convertible 6 to 1 2-ton split ACis is one of the 2 best AC tons available in the market. Also, it has an inverter compressor that ensures it works well on the backup inverter. Also, AC has an anti-bacterial filter that ensures fresh air outflow. AC also has a faster cooling option, which can lower room temperature in the next 10 minutes.

Dust filter and a high-density filterNo Wi-Fi option
ConvertibleNo voice assistant
DehumidifierNo warranty on outdoor casting
Anti-bacterial filter3-Star

· MRP: Rs. 64,990

· Capacity: 2 tons

· Noise Level: 32 dB

· Annual Energy Consumption: 1232.78 KW hours per year

· Voltage: 230 Volts

· Weight: 11 kg

· Dimensions: 21 X 99.8 X 34.5 cms

Panasonic Wi-Fi Twin Cool CS/CU-XU24YKYF

The best part about this 2 tonne AC split is that you can control it with your Alexa or Google Assistant. You need to connect your devices via a home Wi-Fi connection. Also, the dust filter ensures that the air from the air conditioner does not contain harmful particles. You can also customize AC sleep profiles to work based on your needs.

Dust filter and a high-density filterHeavy
Works with Voice assistantA little loud
Customised sleep profilesNo drainage pipe

· MRP: Rs. 61,990

· Capacity: 2 tons

· Noise Level: 40 dB

· Annual Energy Consumption: 1042.48 KW hours per year

· Voltage: 230 Volts

· Weight: 49 kg

· Dimensions: 107 X 24.1 X 29.6 cm

Samsung Convertible 5-in-1 AR24BY4YAWK

This 2-ton ACBy divider comes with a humidifier, and you can even activate sleep mode on this AC based on your needs. A 4-star rating ensures that you do not waste too much electricity while using a fan. Also, it is a 5-in-one device where you can enjoy some of the benefits.

HD filterNo dust filter
2 Way SwingNo voice assistant
DehumidifierNo Wi-Fi
Auto-clean featureStabiliser needed

·MRP: Rs. 53,999

·Capacity: 2 tons

·Noise Level: 40 dB

· Annual Energy Consumption: 230 KW hours per year

· Voltage: 230 Volts

· Weight: 40 kg 600

Voltas 2 Ton Split Ac 243 CZZ (R32)

Voltas is known for producing some of the best budget air conditioners, and this AC is a 2 tonne split and has a few nice features. AC has a dust and an anti-bacterial filter that keeps the environment safe and dust-free. Also, the multi-stage filtering process ensures you breathe fresh air.

Dust FilterBit noisy
Anti-bacterial filterNo voice assistant
Self-diagnosisNo Wi-Fi
Eco-friendly refrigerantStabiliser needed

· MRP: Rs. 49,390

· Capacity: 2 tons

· Noise Level: 51 dB

· Annual Energy Consumption: 1499.44 KW hours per year

· Voltage: 230 Volts

· Weight: 57 kg 100 gm

· Dimensions: 110 X 65 X 36.5 cm

Carrier 4-in-1 Flexicool R32

This AC split at 2 tons by Carrier is one of the best air conditioners on the market. It comes with an advanced dust filter and an air purifier, which ensures you breathe fresh and clean air. Also, you can use an air-conditioner as a dehumidifier. The best part about buying this AC is that you do not have to spend a lot of money to maintain it.

Dust FilterNo self-diagnosis
Air purification filterNo voice assistant
dehumidifierNo Wi-Fi
Stabilizer Free

· MRP: Rs. 51,999

· Capacity: 2 tons

· Noise Level: 39 dB

· Annual Energy Consumption: 1257.12 KW hours per year

· Voltage: 230 Volts

· Weight: 14 kg 200 gm

· Dimensions: 104.5 X 23.5 X 31.5 cm

Panasonic Wi-Fi Twin Cool

This air conditioner comes with a Wi-Fi feature and is an auto convertible 2-ton split AC. You can easily connect it with any voice assistant and use your voice to cool down. AC is well equipped with a smart diagnosis and can adjust the temperature based on external temperatures. AC also offers customized sleep profiles to meet all your needs.

Dust filter and a high-density filterHeavy
Works with Voice assistantA little loud
Customised sleep profilesNo drainage pipe

· MRP: Rs. 54,990

· Capacity: 2 tons

· Noise Level: 43 dB

· Annual Energy Consumption: 1044.47 KW hours per year

· Voltage: 230 Volts

· Weight: 12 kg

· Dimensions: 107 X 23.5 X 29 cm

Hitachi Inverter RMQG322HEEA

This AC split by 2 tons of Hitachi comes with a single-touch fan speed coupled with a soft dry element. The air conditioner uses an eco-friendly refrigerant. AC comes with a highly compact display that helps you control your room temperature better. Also, many slits provide a large heat exchange, allowing AC to cool the room faster.

Low noise levelNo auto cleaning
Auto fan speedNo Wi-Fi
Eco-friendly refrigerantNo voice assistant
Soft dry feature

· MRP: Rs. 48,999

· Capacity: 2 tons

· Noise Level: 37 dB

· Annual Energy Consumption: 1282.37 KW hours per year

· Voltage: 230 Volts

· Weight: 52 kg 300 gm

· Dimensions: 176 X 53.9 X 89.4 cm

Croma 4 in 1 Convertible AC

Croma’s top 2 different AC comes with nano shield coating and green wings. Dust filters are applied first along with anti-bacterial filters. If you are tight on your budget and are looking for a budget-friendly option, this would be a good choice. The air-conditioner uses R-32 green refrigerant for the cooling process.

Anti-microbial filterNo auto cleaning
Dust FilterNo Wi-Fi
Eco-friendly refrigerantNo voice assistant
Stabiliser free

· MRP: Rs. 42,990

· Capacity: 2 tons

· Noise Level: 49 dB

· Annual Energy Consumption: 2070 KW hours per year

· Voltage: 230 Volts

· Weight: 49 kg

IFB Convertible 8-in-1 AC

This 2 tonne budget allocation comes with eight different features. It has a copper condenser coil, which ensures that AC provides better cooling and efficiency. Also, the dual display feature makes it easy to control the room temperature. AC also has a built-in carbon filter that removes dust particles from the air conditioner.

Eight different featuresNo auto cleaning
Activated Carbon filterNo Wi-Fi
4-way air swingNo voice assistant
R-32 refrigerant

· MRP: Rs. 46,490

· Capacity: 2 tons

· Noise Level: 32 dB

· Annual Energy Consumption: 3600 KW hours per year

· Voltage: 280 Volts

· Weight: 24 kg

· Dimensions: 77 X 20.5 X 25 cm


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