Banni Chow Home Delivery 26th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Yuvan and Banni dance romantically at the promo shoot of Tumko Paya Hai.. Song. Everyone watches their pasting and applauds loudly. The director praises Yuvan. Devraj Pampers Yuvan. Rohan steals Yuvan’s medicine on Agastya’s orders. The staff hits him and the pillbox falls. Agastya quietly drops his scarf on the medicine bottle and quietly picks it up. Banni goes to them. Rohan praises Banni and Yuvan’s dance. Banni thanks Agastya for helping Yuvan and being his mentor. Agastya says he is honored and feels happy that he is making things right for himself. Banni informs Yuvan that Agastya is his mentor for the show. Yuvan happily picks up Agastya and thanks him. Agastya says he is Yuvan’s friend from today and asks Shruti to select a song and an instrument for Yuvan’s first round. Yuvan continues to feel happy.

Rohan tells Agastya that Yuvan’s family looks genuine. Agastya says that these fools are behaving well after knowing that his father is a producer and they are trying to get into his and his father’s good books. He says that Rocking Star is his Brainchild, but he was kicked out of the show by his father because of these fools; He makes sure that he is proven wrong and his father accepts him again. Rohan says if he can get Yuvan out of the competition tomorrow without giving him medicine then why is he doing mentor drama. Agastya says he wants to take maximum revenge from them. Banni gives the medicine to Yuvan and asks him to practice the song. Rohan informs Agastya that he asked about Yuvan’s medicine, with Yuvan’s doctor informing that Yuvan has been given this medicine since childhood to keep him under control, if he does not get this medicine, nothing will harm him; He replaced medicine with multivitamin pills quietly and Banni will not question them. Agastya says that it is better to be an immature winner than a mature loser, so he wins at any cost.

Charmie asks Banni if ​​she will forget her when Yuvan becomes a rock star. Banni says their relationship is similar to Sabji And Salt’s, Sabji Is Tasteless Without Salt. Viraj enters Yuvan’s Room and leaves his violin on the cupboard and hides behind the cupboard. Yuvan tries to choose. Manini returns home. Banni Taunts Manini describes how Yuvan’s promo shoot was successful without her. Yuvan tries to pick the violin and falls and injures his shoulder. Screaming In Pain. Viraj silently escapes from Yuvan’s room. Banni rushes to Yuvan’s room and helps him. Manini signals Viraj if the task is done. He nods Yes. They both smile.

The doctor visits Yuvan and suggests that his hand should not move and take care of his hand. Manini acts like Yuvan. Banni goes to get milk for Yuvan. Devraj asks how he got injured. Yuvan describes the entire incident and asks for B Anna. Banni enters with milk and feeds him. Manini asks Viraj to inform the Rocking Star organizers that unfortunately Yuvan cannot attend this time. Yuvan And Banni Cry And Consoling Each Other.

Introduction: Banni informs Agastya that Yuvan cannot perform tomorrow. Agastya says he wants to meet Yuvan and tells Rohan that Yuvan’s Entertainment will continue even after the song. Banni takes Yuvan to meet him.


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