Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update

Banni Chow Home Delivery
Banni Chow Home Delivery

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Yuvan reveals to Manini how Agastya refused to listen to his song and how sad he felt and says he won’t give up easily. Manini says she too feels bad hearing about her son’s humiliation. Banni says that Agastya will try to prove that Yuvan is basking in his grandfather’s wealth and disqualifies Yuvan. Devraj asks Banni how she will handle the situation. Banni Says First She Needs To Handle Yuvan as He would inform Manini about the audition and Manini would have already brainwashed him. Manini asks Yuvan to drop his singing idea. Yuvan recalls how she encouraged him to take up music.

Banni Recalls Agastya’s Challenge Asking Her If She Gets Agastya’s Rockstar Swag In Yuvan And Make Him A Rockstar. Manini Walks To Banni And Taunts Her That All Her Plans Will Go In Vain. Banni Gives Her A Befitting Reply And Says People Are Already Discussing That Banni Has Take Over Manini Already. Manin gets angry and leaves. Yuvan goes to her and asks her to close her eyes. She does. He takes her hand and holds it to his chest, asking her to take deep breaths and relax. She does. Tumse Hi.. Song Playing In Background. Yuvan asks if she feels relaxed now. She says Yes. Myra calls Banni and reveals Agastya’s current location. Banni plans how to present Yuvan in front of everyone and get Agastya to accept him in the competition.

Manini orders Viraj to do something and ensure that Yuvan does not participate in the competition. Banni asks Yuvan to carry his guitar when they play hide and seek. They try to get out through the window when they notice Viraj spying on them outside. Charmie walks up to them and says she will help them get out and manage her husband. She tells Banni that he is helping her as he protected her from manini and says that she is attracted to the cook who is trying to change her husband and hopes that she too could change her husband. She Walks To Viraj And Lures Him With A Sizzling Song. Banni and Yuvan watch their romance and quietly slip out of the house. Agastya shoots an ad with a model to promote the series Rocking Star. The model asks him out on a coffee date. It implicitly rejects the model.

Pre-chapter: Yuvan Sings Behind A Curtain. Agastya says this voice should be in the rocking star competition. Yuvan comes in front. Banni reminds Agastya’s promise to give Yuvan a chance if at least 20 people like his voice.


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