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Ayali Web Series Download Filmyzilla 300 MB, 360p & 720p :- Ayali is a Tamil streaming TV web series. this web series is releasing in Tamil and Telugu on 26 January 2023 Republic Day. After the release of any industrial movie it would be uploaded on torrent sites like Tamilrockers, Tamilyogi, Vegamovies, Dotmovies, Jirockers, 9xmovies, MP4movies, HDhub4u. You can easily download Ayali Web Series for free with the help of torrent site. Read the full article for the complete procedure to download the movie.

Today we will give you a detailed review of Ayali Web Series and also tell you why you should not download Ayali Web Series using a torrent website. For a detailed review of Ayali Web Series, read the article carefully till the end, you will get all the information. If you find the article valuable, please share it with your friends and family members.


Ayali Web Series Download HDhub4u in 1080p, 720p and HD

Ayali Web Series is directed by Muthukumar. other than direction Muthukumar is also a writer’s writer. the entire web series is written and directed by Muthukumar. The web series is produced by Kushmavathi. This web series is Edit By Ganesh Siva. See the table below for more details about the manufacturing department.

Date and time of issue

Ayali web series is releasing on 26th January 2023. This web series is airing on Zee5. If you have a Zee5 subscription, you will be able to watch this web series. the web series was released in Tamil and Telugu.

Now Ayali web series is also dubbed in Hindi. and is available to watch web series in hindi. This information is provided by Zee5.

Cast detail

Ayali web series has Abi Nakshatra, Anmol and Madan in lead roles. Linga, Singampuli, Gayatri Thara, Pragadheeswaran, Jensen, Rajamani Melody, Gautham, Reshmi and Muthupandi are all supporting actors in the web series.

Actress Abi Nakshatra plays the role of Tamizhselvi, a teenage girl. Actress Anumol plays the mother of Tamizhselvi (Kuruvammal). Madhan is in the role of Tamizhselvi’s father. All other cast details are below.

Actor NameCharacter Play
Abi NakshathraPlay as Tamizhselvi
AnumolPlay as Kuruvammal
MadhanPlay as Thavasi
LingaPlay as Sakthivel
SingampuliPlay as Thiruppathi
Lovelyn ChandrasekarPlay as Mythili
TSR -DharmarajN/A
Gayathri TharaN/A
Rajamani MelodiN/A

Guest appearance

Actor NameCharacter Play
Lakshmi PriyaPlay as Inspector
Smruthi VenkatPlay as an English Teacher
Bagavathi PerumalPlay as M.L.A
Kodangi VadiveluN/A

Ayali Web Series Download Telegram Link

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Detailed story

The Ayali web series is an awareness campaign to stop the 500-year-old practice of child marriage in Tamil Nadu. The practice of child marriage continues today in the state of India even after the government banned child marriage. Ayali web series portrays the story of Pudukkottai district in Tamil Nadu.

The main purpose of creating this web series is to make people aware of all the problems caused by child marriage and also to stop the practice of child marriage. Apart from child marriage, the web series also emphasized on girl child education.

Trailer review

The web series Ayali was released on 26 January 2023 on Zee5 in Tamil and Telugu. The web series Ayali was well received in Tamil and Telugu. This web series has an 8.7 star rating on IMDb. A rating of 8.7 is considered a very good rating. The web series Ayali was not well received in North India after its release in Tamil and Telugu. That’s why the Ayali Web Series production department has also uploaded the Hindi Dubbed version of Ayali Web Series on Zee5 on 31 March 2023.

At the beginning of the trailer, we are shown the worship of Ayali Devi in ​​Pudukkottai district. The people of Pudukkottai district believed that Ayali Devi would get angry if the Yaadi girl had a good memory. Thus, the practice of child marriage was prevalent throughout Pudukkottai district.

In Pudukkottai district, no child has passed the 10th exam and no girl has appeared for the 10th exam till date. Selvi notices the doctor listening to someone rattling a stethoscope. Libra asks the mother to make a stethoscope. Selvi now dreams of becoming a doctor. At her mother’s insistence, Selvi attends Ashwin’s exam.

All of Gao turned against Selvi. To prevent Selvi from appearing for Sasvi’s exams, Gao burns down the school. Will Selvi manage to clear the 10th board exams? And will Selva be able to stop child marriage in Pudukkottai district? To know the full story watch Ayali web series on ZEE5.

Ayali Web Series Download and Watch via Dailymotion

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Ayali Web Series Download HdHub4u 300MB, 500MB and 800MB

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