Apple Watch Might Soon Come With Colour-Changing Band


In addition to coordinating with your clothing, it also helps you communicate information through color-coded announcements controlled by an electronic system.

The first thing that comes to mind when we think of color changing is undoubtedly chameleons. And soon, Apple’s new innovation may be a second thought to this one. The Cupertino-based tech company is reportedly working on deploying standalone color-changing technology in its smartwatches.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Apple a patent for an electrochromic feature in the Apple Watch band, Patently Apple reports. The latest patent granted to Apple hints at this latest innovation.

The company is exploring ways that the Apple Watch can change colors based on the wearer’s costume, Apple Insider reports. This new band fabric will allow users to switch colors in three different band zones. In the patent notes, Apple may wish to be able to customize the watch band to express variety and style.

A color changing belt eliminates the need for multiple belts when color matching for formal occasions or otherwise. In its current watch offerings, Apple offers users interchangeable options of different color bands.

In addition to matching the clothing and the environment, it will also help communicate information through color-coded announcements controlled by an electronic system. In the patent, Apple writes: “The color-adjustable elements of the watch band can be arranged and independently controlled in a way that allows the system to display specific icons, shapes and/or text by lighting certain elements in a specific way.”

A point worth noting is that this technology has just been filed by Apple and there is currently no information about its release. Apple Watch is currently available in three models – Series 8, SE and Ultra. The Watch Ultra is a premium offering with exclusive features such as a durable design, blood oxygen and ECG applications. News of the Apple Watch saving lives and integrating heart health technology has recently been in the media spotlight.

In the smartphone industry, Vivo is the first company to use color changing technology in its smartphones. The Chinese manufacturer uses this technology on the back panels of its phones.


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