Anupamaa 8th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Anupama tries to marry Arya. Paritosh takes Arya and runs away. Anupama asks Paritosh to be careful. Paritosh asks Anupam to stop. Paritosh asks Anupam to stay away. Vanraj and Samar hear Anupam’s voice and chase her. Anupama asks Paritosh to understand her. He says Pari can’t live without her mother. Paritosh says Pari can live without her mother just like she can live without her father. Anupama asks Paritosh not to hurt Kinjal more. He asks Paritosh to think wisely. Paritosh claims that Anupama destroyed his house. Anupama asks if he is angry with her before he should take revenge on Kinjal. Paritosh They refuse to listen to Anupam.

Kinjal Wait For Pari. Hasmuk prays to God to protect them from any calamity on the occasion of Navratri. Vanraj And Samar are looking for Paritosh. Anupama Catch Paritosh. She asks Paritosh to be a good father and not take little Pari away from her mother. Anupama Ask Paritosh not to harm Pari in the process. She says she is aware that he won’t hurt her on purpose, but what if he ends up Harming Pari unintentionally. Paritosh asks Anupam not to go near Pari. Anupama swears Pari’s to Paritosh and asks him to return the child. Paritosh stands stunned. Anupama manages to win Pari back from Paritosh.

Vanraj and Samar also find Paritosh and Anupama. Samar thank God. He informs Shah that Pari is with Anupama. Kinjal Says Pari Is With Anupama That Means She Is Safe. Rakhi feels bad. Kavya Console Rakhi.

Anupama Remember Paritosh’s childhood. He asks Paritosh how he changed so much. Paritosh blames Anupam for his changed behavior. He blames Anupam for distancing him from Pari. Vanraj interrupts Paritosh. He asks how he can be unapologetic. Paritosh Call Vanraj Double Faced. He says Vanraj has done a similar mistake and is accused but no one excuses him. He asks Vanraj and Anupam. Anuj Thanks God protecting Pari.

Anupama And Vanraj Ask Paritosh To Apologize Kinjal For Trying To Snatch Pari From Her. Paritosh refuses. Vanraj And Anupama Take Paritosh Home. They ask him to apologize to Kinjal.

GK asks Anuj Why He Is Tensed As Pari Is Safe Finally. Anuj says the real drama will now start in Shah House. GK says Anupama can handle it. Anuj feels proud of Anupam’s courage to handle everything.

Anupama, Vanraj, Samar, Pari and Paritosh come home. Vanraj Gives Pari Back To Kinjal. Leela tries to meet Paritosh. Anupama stops Leela and says Let Kinjala confront Paritosh first. Kinjal decided to send Paritosh to jail for kidnapping Pari. Vanraj asks Kinjal to reconsider. Rakhi adds Paritosh has done a crime by kidnapping Pari and should be sent behind bars.


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