Anupamaa 7th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Anupama Read the note written by Paritosh. Paritosh Mention For Kinjal That Since She Can’t Stay With Him So He Is Taking Pari Away From Her. He Adds Anupama Influenced Her To Take Divorce Now All Must Pay For Making Him Stay Away From Pari. Rakhi informs Vanraj, Dolly, Samar and Kavya about Pari missing. Vanraj asks Anupama who kidnapped Pari. Anupama talks about Paritosh. Paritosh talks to Pari and says that everyone wants him to stay away from him, but no one can take her away from him. He decides to escape with Pari.

Anupama Decides To Trace Paritosh. He says Paritosh made a mistake by kidnapping Pari. Anupama is looking for Partisoh. Paritosh says everyone will want to snatch Pari from him but he runs away. Anupama informs Anuj about Paritosh kidnapping Pari. Anuj gets a shock. He decides to go with Anupama and find Pari. Anupama asks Anuj to stay with Anu and rest. She assures that she will manage to find Paritosh. Auj Ass God To Give Strength To Anupama As He Only Give Her New Challenge. Vanraj and Samar are also looking for Paritosh. Anupama Coordination With Vanraj and Samar.

Dolly, Rakhi and Kavya are worried about Paritosh. Rakhi Fear Facing Kinjal. Kavya and Dolly Wish Anupama Comes Back With Pari Before Kinjal Knows About Her. Anupama Prays to God to show her a way to find Paritosh. He sees the Temple. Anupama asks God to give strength to find Pari. She asks him to give her some hint on how to reach him. Anupama Find Pari’s Toy. Anupama send the temple location of Vanraj and Samar too.

Kinjal asks Rakhi about Pari. Rakhi tries to make an excuse. Kinjal, Leela and Jignesh learn that Pari is missing. Kinjal blames Rakhi for not being able to take care of Pari. He asks Rakhi if she can’t take the responsibility than why she took it. Rakhi Stand Tears. Kinjal Worry For Pari. He calls Anupam and asks about Pari. Anupama asks Kinjal to be strong. She Adds Pari Is With Paritosh And She Should Not Worry. Anupama Assures Kinjal That She Will Bring Back Pari Safely. He hears Pari’s cry and hangs up.

Samar asks Vanraj if he is fine. Vanraj Says Always A Parent Is Blameed For Their Children Mistake. He says he is angry but doesn’t know how to react. Samar asks Vanraj to focus on finding Paritosh and leave everything second. Kinjal gets angry with Paritosh for kidnapping Pari. Leela Side Paritosh. Hasmuk asks Leela to stop encouraging Paritosh.

Anupama finds Paritosh. She decides to be very careful before reaching Paritosh. Rakhi decided to send Paritosh to jail for kidnapping Pari. Leel argues with Rakhi. Hasmuk Side Rakhi. Anupama tries to reach Pari. Paritosh sit shocked to see Anupam around.


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