Anupamaa 7th November 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Anupama apologizes to Anuja for disturbing him. Pakhi asks Anupama if she is asking for a big wedding, its a crime. Anupama asks Pakhi When She Was Eloping Was she not thinking of a big wedding at that time. He asks Pakhi how he can demand a good wedding despite knowing about her actions. Anupama asks Pakhi to be happy that the elders of the house agree to her marriage with Adhik. Barkha adds Pakhi and Adhik deserves marriage in Shah House. She Sas Adhik doesn’t even deserve it. Pakhi raises her voice to Barkha. Anupama says Pakhi unbelievable. She says too much to Pakhi that she is a mother who tolerates insolence. But Barkha is like a mother-in-law to her, Anupama asks Pakhi to pay respect to her.

Pakhi is about to defend herself. Adhik interrupts and apologizes to Anupam on behalf of Pakhi. He convinces Pakhi to agree to marry at Shah House. Adhik assures that he will throw a big party after the wedding. Barkha asks Adhik how she will give Randa a wedding. Adhik says he has savings. Barkha says that the allowance is consuming her savings, that she won’t have a penny for coffee. Pakhi gets angry. Barkha asks Pakhi if she is angry before she can defend herself. Adhik Control Pakhi. Anupama sees Adhika. Ankush says Adhik is talking sense.

Kanta Bid Adieu To Anupama. Anupama lights the lamp for Pakhia’s wedding. He calls on God and asks him to take care of other things. Barkha receives someone’s message. She decides to make fun of Pakhi and Adhik’s wedding.

Anupama, Anu and Anuj get ready for your work. Ankush tells Anuj that Adhik will join them in the office. Pakhi packs lunch box for Adhik, Anupam, Anuj and Anu. Anupama catches her breath. Leela tries to call Anupam. Anupama Cut Leela’s Call. Leela Tells To Shahs That Anupama Hangs Up Her Call. Hamsuk scoffs. Anupama tells Leela that she is studying in college and will come to the house later. Leela is worried about Pakhi’s wedding. Kavya asks if they will celebrate pre-wedding rituals or not. Vanraj only agrees to the marriage.

Elsewhere, Barkha tries to bring Adhik’s true face. Ankush warns Barkha. Barkha gets Adamant. Anupama gets a star for her presentation. The teacher is impressed with Anupama’s performance. Barkha welcomes guests to the Kapadia home. Pakhi’s presence is questioned. Anupama invites her classmates and teachers to Pakhia’s wedding. The teacher gives Anupama only one day off. Anupama decided to conduct the class in the middle of the wedding functions.


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