Anupamaa 31st October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Shahs and Kapadias Perform Laxmi Pooja. After Pooja, Vanraj Says Every Diwali, Pakhi used to be most excited and used to burn crackers first, but today she is absent from the celebration. Little Anu with Anuj and Anupama walks, wishes everyone a happy Diwali and takes the blessings of the elders. She presents them with handmade greeting cards. Ankush enters the next with Happy Diwali wishes. Anupama says Adhik won’t come and asks where is Sweety. Leela says she has not stepped out of her room since morning. Vanraj asks her to go and check. Anupama knocks on the door of Pakhi’s room and asks her to come out as the festival should be celebrated with everyone. When Pakhi does not hear, she senses that Pakhi is not present in her room and calls her number. Pakhi’s phone doesn’t ring. She Fears Pakhi Harmed Harmself And Informs Shahs That Sweety Is Not Opening The Door. Samar says he tried to talk to her but she didn’t talk. Leela is also afraid that Pakhi must have done something. Anuj asks her not to worry.

Pakhi and Adhik are walking, holding hands, wearing garlands and after getting married. Shahs and Kapadias Stand Shocked. Little Anu wishes them a happy marriage. Anuj says they are sorry for getting married without informing them but they had no other option. Pakhi says that when the elders don’t listen to the youth, the youth don’t listen to the elders either. Adhik says after Barkha informed the shahs about him, they were sure that they will be separated hence they will unite forever. Pakhi says they knew the elders were just buying time. Adhik says they wanted their elders to bless them during their wedding, Pakhi panicked after whatever happened yesterday and fearing for her life he agreed to marry her. Pakhi says she knows her mother’s five-page lecture, Vanraj’s anger and family drama, and that’s why she married Adhik; They can do what they want, but they can’t separate them.

Hasmukh gets angry and warns her to shut up. The title track of the series plays in the background. Vanraj is falling apart. Kavya supports him. Leela screams and cries. Anupama says that she demanded just one day from Pakhi, but she couldn’t be patient; If not Anupama, she should have thought of Vanraj, Leela, Samar or someone else. She Asks Adhik If He Blabbered In Front Of Anuj Just For This, He Didn’t Bother Abouthis Sister And BIL’s Dignity. She told Pakhi that Pakhi is most selfish and can’t give anything so she asked her for 1 day for family happiness. He continues to vent his frustration and says that one learns from the mistakes of others, but Pakhi was repeating the same mistakes. Pakhi says they wouldn’t let her marry at all. Anupama asks her to explain the meaning of marriage. Pakhi says marriage means happiness of 2 people and togetherness.

Anupama says the whole family is involved in the marriage, everyone’s dreams are incomplete because of Pakhi and Adhik; If they waited for some time, they would be happy everywhere. Pakhi says the elders did not agree to the marriage at all. Anupama says she had to convince them and prove that she values ​​her love and family, but she wants an easy life and everything served on a plate. He goes on to say that young people want everything immediately and are professionals at misbehaving with their parents, but they don’t know patience. She continues her long speech and asks them to do what they want and get out of there.


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