Anupamaa 29th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Anupama tells Leela that Vanraj betrayed her, everyone shared the same knowledge with her and tried to scare her that her family and children’s future will be broken, she couldn’t even forgive her husband. She says she is not asking Kinjal to do the same but let her take the decision herself. Vanranj and Leela continue to plead with Kinjal to come home. Anupama recalls Vanraj’s arrogance and the same emotional blackmail of Leela during her time. Kinjal gives in to their pleas and agrees to accompany them back to the Shah House. She Goes To Pack Her Bags. Vanraj Thanks Anupama For Taking Care Of Kinjal And Arya And Ass Her Not To Try To Provoke Kinjal Against Them. Leela asks if she wants to see her son’s life and DIL’s Broken and Wants To Keep Kinjal At Her Some Forever, She Shouldn’t Interfere Between Toshu And Kinjal Then. Anupama warns them not to break Kinjal as she knows what they are capable of.

Leela asks if he is threatening her. Anupama says she is explaining her mother how wrong she is. He says they are hiding their son’s mistake and think that marriage is an institute for son’s reformation and wife is son’s nanny. Vanraj Gives His Evil Grin And Says Anupama Just Needs A Chance To Be A Heroine, She Shouldn’t Interfere With Every Release. Leela says she is right, they are taking Kinjal with them and Anupama shouldn’t stop them. Anupama agrees and says that if they try to manipulate Kinjal, she will barge into their house with her 5-page lecture and a sword. Kinjal Walks Down With Ji Bag And Hugs Anupam Emotionally. Anupama says she will always support her decision and asks her not to take any decision under the pressure of someone sacrificing her happiness.

Kinjal says she wants to give herself a chance as Anupama taught her to face the situation instead of running from it, win or lose is the end product, let her face the battle first. Anupama wishes her all the best. He picks Arya up and says she should be supportive of her mother and clicks a photo of her from baby Ana’s camera. Leela tells Kinjal let’s go to our house and goes out ignoring Anupam. Back home, Hasmukh is happy to see Arya. Toshu excitedly rushes down to Arya but stops short of seeing Kinjal’s angry face. Barkha Serves Water To Anupam and says she shouldn’t have let Kinjal go as she feels bad for Kinjal and thinks how can Kinjal forgive Tosha after committing such a big sin. Anupama says that like Anuj, he forgave Barkha and Ankush. Barkha says she is praying God for Kinjal’s happiness. Anupama says she is praying for Barkha’s peace as he wanders everywhere. He is worried about Kinjal.

Toshu walks towards Arya/Pari. Kinjal says he wants to clear a few things. Barkha Then Shows Her Fake Concern For Anuj And Says He Has Memory Loss And It’s Problematic To Handle Business, So They All Should Help Anuj. Anupama says that she and Anuj record all their meetings so Barkha need not worry. Barkha thinks that she hates Anupam’s over-smartness and leaves, asking her to call her if she needs anything. Anuj returns home with little Anu and informs that little Anu is upset to hear about Kinjal and Arya leaving their house. Anupama Cries Shows Her Care For Kinjal. Anuj says he too is worried about Kinjal, but she has to fight her own battle, be it now or tomorrow. Rakhi enters and is shocked to learn that Kinjal has returned to Shah House. Kinjal tells Toshu that she didn’t come back to Shah House because of him or out of fear that he would hurt himself, she came back for her family as Pari’s mother who is not here to forgive him for his sins or people’s taunts, she expects her family to support her Decision and no pressure on her. Hasmukh assures that no one will or else face his wrath.

Toshu says that staying under one roof with Kinjal and Pari is more than enough for him and promises not to trouble her. Kavya asks him to remember what he promised. Kinjal Lets Toshu Hold Pari And Pamper Her. Rakhi tells Anupama that she left Kinjal with her because Kinjal trusts Anupam more than her, she controlled her emotions when her own daughter didn’t trust her and thought that Anupama is a better mother than her, how can Anupama let Kinjal leave her house. Anupama says she can understand Rakhi’s state of mind. Rakhi says she is not okay with Kinjal staying with Toshu as now he would be more fearless and try to wrest Arya from Kinjal, there is Leela who would blindly support Toshu and make Kinjal’s life hell with her taunts. Anupama agrees that she can’t trust Leela but she couldn’t stop Kinjal as it was Kinjal’s own decision.

Rakhi says she will do whatever she can for her daughter, she used to hide Toshu’s Sin to protect Kinjal and now she will repeatedly emphasize Toshu’s Sins to protect Kinjal. Anuj asks her not to do anything in haste that her daughter’s future is ruined. Anupama asks Rakhi to trust Kinjal and let her handle her life. Rakhi says no way, she will do what she can, Anupama should just wait and watch. Anupama thinks what will Rakhi do. Anuj says that Rakhi will do the best for her daughter and asks Anupama not to interfere between Rakhi, Kinjal and Shah family and let them solve their problem.

Introduction: Toshu threatens Anupam that she will suffer like he is suffering now. Anupama warns him not to cross his limits or else he will forget that he is her son.


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