Anupamaa 28th September 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Vanraj asks Hasmuk what he should do. She says she wants to be angry with Paritosh for not realizing her mistake. Vanraj says Paritosh has gone mad now but he can’t let him die. It will break. Paritosh babbles and wants Kinjal back in his life. Shahs Ask Paritosh To Calm. Paritosh says Kinjal is with Anupama and will break his family. Blabbers Kinjal can’t separate him from Arya. Vanraj asks Partiosh to check.

Anupama thanks Anuj for keeping their relationship and family apart. Anuj asks Anupama when will she learn to draw lines between family and relationship. He says he doesn’t have a problem with the family, but he can’t tolerate drama. Anuj asks Anupam to think about his words before it’s too late. Anupama says she is trying. Leela talks to Vanraj. She Urges Him To Bring Back Kinjal Before Paritosh End Up Harging Himself. Vanraj Says Paritosh Did Wrong With Kinjal And He Can’t Force Her. Leela says Let Kinjal and Paritosh fight but they should be at their place. Vanraj tells Leela that he is unable to make up his mind and asks the others to give him time.

Anuj Decide Drop Anu To the School. He asks Anupam not to stress over him. Anupama says she can’t stop worrying about Anuj. Anuj kisses her cheek and says today will be a good day. Anupama Gives The Kiss Back And Says Her Day Will Be Good Too. Anu Says To Anupama And Anuj If They Are Done With Their Good Bye Kisses Than They Can Leave As She Is Getting Late. Anuj and Anupama stand awkwardly.

Vanraj and Leela visit Anupama. Anupama questions Vanraj and Leela about their presence. Vanraj Says He Wants To Talk With Kinjal and Leela Wants To See Arya. Anupama informs Anuj about Vanraj and Paritosh’s visit. Anuj Think Vanraj and Leela should not do any drama.

Vanraj asks Anupama if he can talk to Kinjal. Anupama tells Vanraj that Kinjal is also his daughter and she can talk. Vanraj tries to convince Kinjal to return home. Leela Give Her Support To Vanraj. Anupama overhears Leela and Vanraj. She decides to cross the line and speak for Kinjal.

Hasmuk gets angry with Vanraj and Leela for visiting Anupama’s Place. He thinks that both of them will make drama. Anupama stops Vanraj and Leela for inciting Kinjal. She asks them to let Kinjala decide for herself. Vanraj gets angry with Anupam for trying to interrupt his conversation with Kinjal. Anupama says she is trying to manipulate Kinjal. She asks Kinjal to come back with the shahs only if he doesn’t want to as Paritosh will hurt himself. Kinjal is confused.


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