Anupamaa 27th October 2022 Written Episode Written Update


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Anupama attends her class. The teacher asks everyone to introduce themselves. A newlywed couple introduces themselves and describes how they fell in love in the office within 6 months and got married and their dream to start a marketing business after leaving their jobs. Anupama praises them for having the courage to leave their well-paying jobs and think of starting a business. Everyone applauds them.

Another student, Chetain Sangoi, imagines himself to have a grocery business, has done BCom, the need to modernize a small business to compete with big multinationals, and his dream of keeping his father’s business alive by studying various finance courses. Everyone applauds him. The other students also introduce themselves. Anuj Waits For Anupama Outside College And Hopes Her First Day Goes Good.

Barkha unveils Adhik At The Shahs. Barkha asks if she is telling the truth. Kavya asks how she can get away with using Pakhi to control Anupama, she is disgusted. Leela says these kinds of heinous acts are not accepted. Vanraj asks if she planned all this herself, what happened suddenly that she came here to expose her own brother.

Barkha says she thought about using Pakhi for some time, but didn’t think Pakhi would be trapped her whole life; She has a daughter herself and she doesn’t want this to happen to her daughter. Leela asks if she was thinking of her daughter when she tried to abuse Pakhi. Vanraj asks if she felt so guilty for coming here instead of informing Anupam. Barkha says she already informed Anupam.

The teacher asks another student to introduce herself. An old woman stands, jokes a little, and describes that she helped her husband in his business, and after he died, her children asked her to enroll in a finance course to help her understand their business better. Everyone applauds her. The teacher asks Anupam next to introduce herself. Anupama feels nervous. Barkha says she informed everything to Anupam.

As usual, Leela shouts at Anupam that he has time to prepare and go to college but not to inform them about the truth. Barkha says she is surprised to see Anupam’s silence, Adhik revealed the whole truth to Anuja, she doesn’t trust Adhik at all as she knows him since childhood and he is not at all interested in marriage and can’t fall in love with Pakhi’s 1-2 date.

Kavya thanks her for informing the truth and says they will take any decision only after talking to Anuja and Anupama. Barkha says she knows Adhik’s lifestyle in the US; He likes parties, girlfriends, elite class girls and cannot love a simple girl like Pakhi. Anupama nervously gulps water and repeats Surri Surri Surri/Sorry. The teacher asks her to take her time and says they need to learn to be comfortable and it’s okay to not be okay; Sometimes she makes people nervous and asks her to introduce herself now. Barkha asks Shahs if Adhik can’t be loyal to his sister how can he be loyal to others?

Hasmukh says she too is not loyal to her brother. Barkha says she is informing them so that they can accept Pakhi’s life decision after much thought. Samar says she is doing this so that no one can blame her in future. Barkha says exactly, she can’t take Adhik’s guarantee and they shouldn’t blame her later.

Pakhi panics when she hears Barkha and says that she should be ashamed for a character to murder her own brother. Barkha says she was just revealing the truth. Pakhi Adhik revealed his past, present, future plans etc. Leela says he means a thief will not be a thief if he reveals the truth. Pakhi says Adhik is honest. Vanraj questions why he is behind Adhik even though he knows the truth. Pakhi says whatever they say, she will only marry Adhika as she knows he has reformed and loves only her. Vanraj Orders Her To Go In And Let Him Speak To Anuj And Anupama First.

Anupama introduces herself and says that she and her father wanted her to study well, but after her father’s untimely death, she could not study further. She says young children take things for granted, but for her it was a dream; After marriage, she wanted to continue her studies, but she couldn’t remember Leela and Vanraj discouraging her. She goes on to say how her responsibilities increased once her children were born and she was unable to study. Based on her studies, she describes how her children and husband humiliated each other, how she separated from her husband because of her fate and how her inspiration and the man of her dreams, Anuj Kapadia, entered her life.

Barkha leaves. Leela says they wanted Pakhi to marry Adhik when they were spending time alone in the hotel room but after knowing the truth how will they risk Pakhi’s life. Hasmukh asks her to calm down. Vanraj Asjs Why Didn’t Anuj And Anupama Inform Them Truth. Kavya says she asked them to forget all problems for 3-4 days and focus on their first Diwali together.

Anupama goes on to say that she was in a relationship for 26 years and considered it her life, but when she met Anuj and experienced his love, she realized what love really is and how toxic her previous relationship was. She says she now has a small family with a little daughter also named Anu, her husband found this course and sent her to college and she is sure he is waiting for her somewhere and praying for her.

Pakhi calls Adhik via video and informs what Barkha did. Adhik also panics hearing this. Pakhi says she wants to marry him at any cost and wants to meet him. Adhik reminds that Vanraj doesn’t want them to meet for some time. Pakhi gets Adamant. Anupama describes how a woman should find time for her duties and fulfill her dreams. The student says she’s right that men don’t value women’s time. Anupama says that women alone do not value time and should get them qualified and educated as only education and skills will help them in the long run. Everyone applauds her. Vanraj Calls Anupam while she is busy in class.


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